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Why Our Adult Children Back Off Sometimes

Posted on: May 8th, 2014 by bubbyjoysandoys

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Sometimes I smother…and hover over my children. It wouldn’t be such a problem, if my children were 10 or 11.


But they’re not.

In fact, my children are all adults, and as much as I tend to forget it, quite capable ones too.

When I smother my adult children with too much advice and input, they tend to back off and share less.

I may feel left out of things, and not included. But, when I give them the space that they need – and deserve, magical things happen.

Today, I wrote a guest post over at Lisa Carpenter’s blog, Grandma’s Briefs, about types of mothers-in-law who tend to get left out.

I also offer tips for mothers-in-law (including myself!) there…

So check out my Guest Post over there, and feel free to share your views in Lisa’s comment section below the post.

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