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Grandson Kvelling

Posted on: July 12th, 2012 by bubbyjoysandoys

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Okay – time for some grandson kvelling. Hey, it’s been a few posts or more since I have actually talked about my grandkids for a change! (and not myself). Well, now’s the perfect time to go back to my usual (and sometimes interesting – I like to think) grandchild bragging.

This morning my 18 month old grandson came over (his Daddy brought him over for a short while), and in the little guy’s usual mischievous manner, inspired an insightful thought in his Omi (me!).

He really knows how to keep busy. Sometimes that busy-ness is making a mess (most of the time), but you gotta give him credit. In the end, he always gets organized and cleans up after himself. (and then messes up again – but that’s not the subject of this post! This is a Bubby Joys post, okay?)

I put him on the floor in the family room to play with the toys (hey I figured I’d try), and then walked away for a few minutes to one of the bedrooms. I then went back to check up on J.J. (not his real name — this is a blog for heaven sake), and he wasn’t with the toys or anywhere to be found (wouldn’t you  know!).

I called his name and walked around, and then walked into the kitchen and there he was playing with the pots and pans which were all out on the floor.  And a very innocent look on his face.

Hmmm. Very typical stuff. No sweat. I’ll clean up after he leaves. I snapped a pic of his mess (to send to his mom and dad– my usual M.O), and left the room again.

What was I thinking? Well, here’s what happened. Five minutes later I came back into the room, and there was my grandson cleaning up all the pans. Making a pile out of them — in a very organized fashion.

Hey – I’m a grandmother, and I like to  kvell . So here’s to the most (poo-poo-poo – which is knock on wood in Jewish form), adorable, mischievous AND organized grandson in the world.

Amein! Nachas and joy to all! The Joys of Grandmother-hood!

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