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Give Them a Break, Okay?

Posted on: January 22nd, 2017 by bubbyjoysandoys 10 Comments

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It’s getting a bit unnerving the way the media is grabbing every opportunity to  find fault with Donald Trump’s family.  I know that President Trump has many quirks, all great fodder for cynical writing. I know that he argues and gets defensive and twitters and tweets and all that.

I get that. And I’m not going to debate that here.

But can’t the media give his family a break? Why does the media have to poke fun at his wife all the time?

In my opinion, the Ralph Lauren blue dress she wore to the Inauguration was beautiful and classy.

But instead of leaving it at that – a beautiful first lady in a very appropriately chosen dress – the media has to rip it apart and analyze it.   They write that  she “channeled” (code for copied) Jackie Kennedy’s blue outfit back in 1961.  Like they know what was on her and her designer’s mind.

Now, I don’t remember what Jackie wore back then (I was only 1), so I did a search  and my impression was that the only thing the two outfits had in common was they were both blue. Melania is a woman with class in her own right and she is not trying to mimic Jacqueline Kennedy.

But the media already has decided that she did. And so it becomes fact.

Then there’s the son, Barron. From the facts I’ve read about him, he seems like a smart and typical kid. He seems pretty cute to me. On the night of the election he was tired and seemed to struggle to stay awake. Big deal.

The media has to rip him apart. At the election three months ago, he wasn’t smiling and seemed tired and bored. Hello, it was late. One time a kid is bored and tired and suddenly everyone is making up stories. Playing the game of Dr. Google.

Suddenly people are inventing – no, diagnosing  things about him that are just untrue.

A famous celebrity and someone else actually wrote false things about him having a certain neurological disorder. They have since apologized and hopefully retracted (but not before Melania threatened to sue), but this is wrong. Children of politicians are supposed to be off limits to rude comments.

Today I saw a clip of him playing peek-a-boo with his toddler nephew at the inauguration. To me, that’s a perfectly appropriate behavior for  a kid his age. I think all the Professor Googles can put their diagnostician hats away.

It’s none of these people’s  business. It’s none of anyone’s business to diagnose another person’s child, or to project what’s going on in their own life onto someone else’s life.

It’s none of anyone’s business why the First Lady is keeping her son at his NY school till June. That’s her  prerogative to decide, and frankly, I respect Melania for that. She’s putting her motherhood before her position as First Lady. I think that’s admirable.

Another thing – while I’m on the topic of ridiculous things that the media writes about is the green outfit that Ivanka wore the day before the inauguration. I read in a particular article that the green symbolizes growth, change and moving forward. And, then the writer  went on to say that green also signifies jealousy.

Maybe someone can enlighten me as to what the point of that article was?

And finally, the mystery gift that Melania gave to Michelle Obama before the inauguration was received awkwardly according to the press and now the media is up in arms and pointing out that Michelle must have disliked receiving the gift.

Instead of just saying “oh, isn’t that lovely that she gave a gift to Michelle,” people have to analyze and overthink things.

Whether it’s a beautiful dress at a special event, a young child’s fatigue or boredom, or a gracious gift given to another politician, I really wish the media would just take some things at face value.

I know there’s a fascination with the family of the president but can’t people just give them a break already?



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10 Responses

  1. I agree that everyone should leave Barron alone. He has enough ahead of him to deal with. The parents set the message- the Obamas, Bushes, and Clintons were able to keep their kids out of the limelight. It’s really up to the Trumps to insist this happens and keep their son away. It seems they’ll be doing that by not moving to the White House. That alone is problematic as the security issues and expenses are enormous.
    If the parents set the tone, the media and public will follow; if the parents wallow in every little bit of publicity, I fear the child will suffer.

    • Thank you for your comment. I agree that the Obamas set the tone and it worked. I don’t agree the press needs to be re-educated for every presidency about hands-off on younger kids.

  2. I agree about letting children alone. But Melania agreed with her husband (I’m assuming) to go ahead and run for office, and the media covers every detail of every First Lady since, well, always.

    Michelle Obama had to deal with racism, sexism, and too much else to write about here. Even her bare arms were a thing of discussion. Melania made her choice and now she’ll have to deal with whatever the media covers. She shouldn’t get any more, or less, attention than any other First Lady. It’s the ways things are.

    • Cathy, thanks so much for your comment. I agree with you that when you sign up to be a public figure, you have to expect criticism and mocking etc. But my pet peeve (maybe it’s just me) is when they find things that aren’t there. That’s what bothers me. And as you say, kids should be off limits. I always appreciate your perspective, Cathy.

  3. Chavi says:

    Perfectly on point. Totally agree with everything you wrote!

  4. Faith says:

    You are on target, as always. I’m appalled at the protests and criticisms the Trumps are receiving. I think people are just jealous of his success. They don’t realize that he worked hard to achieve that success! He could sit back and enjoy a carefree life, but instead he is rolling up his sleeves to fight the world to bring the USA back to its glory!

  5. Nancy Engel says:

    Yes, Miriam. I completely agree with every word. Yes, the media should give it a rest and let him get to work on the real issues facing our nation.

    I also think Mrs. Trump is a very classy lady, and the pair is such a breath of fresh air.

    Some comic coined the term Trump Derangement Syndrome which is the only explanation for this craziness.

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