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Don’t Be Embarrassed!

Posted on: January 6th, 2013 by bubbyjoysandoys 6 Comments

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Here’s my question for you today and I want you to be very honest:

Seriously, were you ever embarrassed by your parents? Your mom? Were you one of those kids who told your mom to drop you off a block away from school, because you didn’t want your friends to see your mom and her car?

I don’t know if I had the guts to carry my embarrassment of my mom to the above extents, but I did feel weird or different when I was a kid, and my mom would say things that I felt were completely….well……..just embarrassing!

Well, now I’m a grandmother. (Notice I conveniently skipped the stage of being a mother and refuse to talk about the times I embarrassed my own sons?). So yes, I’m a grandmother. And the other day, my daughter-in-law asked me to pick up her little guy from pre-school because she had to be somewhere during pick-up time. The timing worked for me, so I agreed.

Well, as I was driving there, I called my own mom to ask her some advice (now my mom’s my adviser. Go figure!). I told my mom that I was on my way to pick up my grandson (her great-grandson), and I just KNEW he was going to be really cool and distant when he saw me in the yard at carpool. My mom asked me how I knew. I told her that he always does that. He kind of ignores me. He’s 4 1/2 and it’s his modus operandi when I pick him up.

My mom suggested, “Do you think he’s embarrassed that you’re coming?”

My mom was onto something (have to admit!).

“Ya, Ma, I think you’re right. Probably he’s the only one from his friends whose grandmother comes to get him (once a week, but still).”

Later, when I told my daughter-in-law our new theory, she discounted it. She said, “nah, he’s probably just tired so doesn’t acknowledge you. I”ll tell him to be “nicer.””

Anyway, it’s all good. I just thought it’s interesting that even a 4-year old has (maybe) that feeling (maybe- we don’t know..) of being different than others…

But who knows? Just something to think about.

By the way, I did ask my grandson today if any of the other kids have their grandmas pick them up and he said, “nope. Just the mothers and fathers.”

So, there may be something to this…

Whatever the case – don’t be embarrassed of your moms (or anyone!), because some day you may be surprised at how much you can learn from her.


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6 Responses

  1. Chavi says:

    Oh My! What timing..4 boys were over playing last night, if you can call almost 13 year olds, BOYS, and what they do, PLAY. I had to speak to 1 about something- namely that we will be driving him home as he was sick and I didn’t want my son catching his germs. I called him over to me, utilizing that sugar-coated word, indicating that what’s coming next is something he may not be happy to hear: SWEETIE. Well, my son came running as quick as if I offered them a pizza party and said PLEASE DON’T SAY THAT- YOU ARE EMBARRASSING ME!!! So much for that toddlerhood stage and such that I remember them stuck in…

  2. My eldest grandson is 3 so not yet embarrassed about me picking him up from school! But my 22 year old daughter still has moments when she’s embarrassed by me, though it’s better than when she was in high school.

  3. ryan says:

    i think at some level, every kid will be embarassed. But hey.. someday, they just gonna realize how caring you are. Just like me. I was embarassed when my mom picked me up at school when i was young. But now, i miss those moments where actually i can spend more time with her.

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