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Meet Bottledworder – Good to the last drop!

Posted on: December 26th, 2012 by bubbyjoysandoys 20 Comments

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Many of us bloggers read other blogs that are out there in cyberspace. Some of these blogs are written by friends or acquaintances of ours, and others are written by total strangers – blogs we just come across, or “stumble upon” to use a social media buzzword.

Similar to others, I read a variety of  blogs. Whether or not these writers have “liked” my personal blog is actually not what attracts me to said bloggers. Rather, I am pulled toward specific original and insightful ideas. I like humor and I like creativity and when I see those elements in a blog post, or series of blogposts by a particular writer, I continue to read their blog.

Such has been the case with a blog known as “Bottledworder.” At first glance, this title is very mysterious and kind of cold. Hello? Bottledworder? What is he or she trying to say anyway? But when you read the tagline you get the feel for someone who thinks a little out of the box (or out of the bottle, right?). Bottledworder explains: “words in a blogule.” That’s enough for me to continue reading.

According to the “about” page, Bottledworder is an an American-educated woman originally from India who presently resides in New York City, and began her blog around the time I started my blog, but I’ll admit right here that her number of readers have surpassed mine by the thousands. But no, this is not about competition. This is about learning from one another. To me, it is a pleasure to read her blog, and here is why:

She writes articulately about ideas that we all think of, but don’t realize we are thinking about them. She puts words to the thoughts that we all had deep down but didn’t realize how important they were. She brings these thoughts to the surface, and then puts some open-ended questions out to her readers and followers. Within minutes (literally), she has a long queue of responses and “likes” on her blog, but that is not even the point. Lots of bloggers get many responses. But the difference is that Ms. Bottledworder reads all her comments, and answers them. Not only does she answer them with “thanks” or “good point,” or whatever, but she writes something more that gets the reader to think more.

I have viewed Ms. Bottledworder as a teacher or mentor of sorts. Someone who cares. Then one day she wrote on her blog that she had taught English in the past. My instincts had been correct – I knew I was on to something and I wanted to continue reading. And I did. Sometimes I respond and other times I don’t. But she always gets me to think. That helps me in my everyday life and in my own writing.

If I had to think of what I would want to see in her blog that I don’t already see, I would say that she might tell us a bit more about herself.  Maybe she would insert  a personal anecdote or tidbit of information in some of her columns, and then bounce off that to the theme of her blogpost.

I think the elements of mystery that she seems to have (i.e. her anonymous name, her seemingly  non-existent hobbies besides writing), have been effective for her blog till now.  When a teacher or mentor (or therapist) doesn’t talk about their own life, it helps the therapeutic relationship, in that the client can grow without preoccupying himself with the teacher’s life. Similarly, her being faceless and nameless has helped her focus on us, the writers – asking us probing questions and so forth and getting us to think.

However, at this point I think a little more disclosure on Bottledworder’s part would be helpful. I am not even sure how much disclosure would necessarily improve the blog, but I do think some openness would help. I find that when I do read blogposts by Bottledworder where she is a bit more open, such as when she discussed her own feelings about the wide open spaces in America, I benefited from that style and was able to relate to her writing on a different level.

In conclusion, aside from the need for the personal touch, Bottledworder is a great blogger, with a wonderful blog and I wish her many more days of happy blogging to all of us thirsty writers who love quenching our thirst for thinking and analyzing through her writings.


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20 Responses

  1. Oh, Bottledworder has to be my all time favorite blogger. I love her articles, and her insight into writing. I always get a thrill if she likes some of my writings, since I regard her with such respect. Thanks for sharing. <3

    A bottledworder fan.

  2. Thanks . This is exactly what I was hoping readers would do. I was blushing at all the praise but what helped me most was your point about a bit more personal disclosure. I’ll focus on this next year. Thank you for being so insightful. There’s no way I would have figured this out myself.

  3. OmaOrBubby says:

    You are welcome. I wasn’t sooo sure of my suggestion- (because openness is not always everyone’s style or even a necessary factor or plus in all writing…) but it was my instinct, and I’m glad it was helpful! Thanks for your comment…

  4. Reblogged this on bottledworder and commented:
    A big thank you to all who responded to my post asking for some feedback on my blog. Several people wrote posts and I liked all of them. It was very hard to choose one but I finally chose Bubby Joys and Oys’ post to reblog here as I promised. I also liked Electronicbaglady’s Bag of Bits’ post for her valuable advice.

    Bubby Joys and Oys (Miriam) has worked as a literature and writing teacher and a music therapist. She is a mother and a grandmother and a mother-in-law too. Miriam is also an author of a book on her joys as a grandmother. I find her blog engaging, often upbeat, conversatonal and fun to read. Her language has a lot of Jewish lingo which might puzzle the uninitiated at first but she has a very helpful glossary on them with a promise that “you will be able to pretend you are Jewish” by the time you get through it 🙂 Thank you Miriam for your post.

    • OmaOrBubby says:

      Wow!! What can I say? I just opened my emails after having my computer and blackberry turned off since last night. I saw your email and announcement. I’m overwhelmed and honored to be chosen by you as one of the featured blogs (along with Eletronicbaglady..and the others). Thanks so much for your kind words and for featuring my blog on your blog. I read what you wrote to my husband and sons and they are so proud!! Thanks again. You are amazing. Miriam

  5. Le Clown says:

    I’m a man of few words; I’ll keep it short. BottledWorder is la crème de la crème. I’d love to comment on her writing, but I’d much rather say what a dashing Gravatar she has. Cheers.
    Le Clown

  6. Carol Ross says:

    This thread of comments has made me look forward to learning more about the person behind the wonderful bottledworder blog in 2013 … yay! Thanks for such a thoughtful post.

  7. bottledworder is a favorite of mine as well. I love seeing blogs that suggest other blogs and keep the cyber conversation going.

  8. Interesting… I too had been feeling the need to know more about Bottleworder… and now I know that there’s a husband and some sons!
    Looking forward to seeing how the blog develops in the new year!!!

    • OmaOrBubby says:

      The husband and sons are those of Bubby Joys and Oys (that would be me, miriam…:))
      – Yes, Bottledworder is amazing. Looking forward to her 2013 writing too!

  9. Very well said and appreciated! Best wishes for 2013…

  10. OmaOrBubby says:

    Thanks. Best wishes to you too!

  11. meromusings says:

    Loved your post on Bottledworder, I love reading her too but the fact that she is anonymous is what makes her good at blogging because anyone can go on and on about personal ramblings but writing something out of it regularly is something else!

  12. […] but I have no qualms veering off and writing about self-improvement, writing, earthquakes, writing bloggers, Holidays, weight control, photography, children, bowling and music […]

  13. An interesting one. Great post. I’ll check on her posts now, because a curiosity gets all over me

  14. TheLastWord says:

    I discovered BottledWorder when she read my post about my life in college in India. I figured she was also an alumni. She failed to answer that question but that has not stopped me from making her one of my regular blogs to read.

    She had the ability to form and communicate clearly thoughts you were barely aware off.

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