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An Itty Bitty Blog Post

Posted on: May 7th, 2013 by bubbyjoysandoys 1 Comment

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No time for a long or even medium post today, so I’m blogging a short, itty bitty blog post.

This one’s for you, Jay.

Now, all my readers are wondering, “who the heck is Jay?”

Well, Jay is short for my dear friend, Joan’s name. I call her Jay. She calls me Em (get it? M? Miriam?).

Anyway, here’s the thing. Jay is a playwright and that’s how we met; I was in one of her plays that she wrote for a school performance. No, I wasn’t a student in the play. I was a teacher that performed for the students.

Well, that’s another story. Never mind that right now. Jay wrote a play, and I was in it.

Years later, Jay came to a group I organized for writers, and the rest is history. Jay is a part of our group till today. Even if she is not always able to attend, Jay responds to queries for feedback on my drafts.

Jay also is working on a huge project together with her husband, Mr. Ziff, who can rival Mr. Rogers (may he RIP)  in ability to reach kindergarten aged children through self esteem building.

Mr. Ziff and Jay have been working on a special curriculum for teachers to teach writing to children in preschool, and through their writing, they become excellent readers.

Find out more about that on their website for early childhood education and beyond!

Jay is also a fabulous teacher at LAUSD’s  Warner Avenue Elementary School in Westwood, Ca.

And that’s the end of my itty bitty blogpost.

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One Response

  1. It’s quality not quanity! Nice tribute to a mentor!

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