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30 Ideas for Bored Bubbies (Grandmothers)

Posted on: June 1st, 2014 by bubbyjoysandoys 4 Comments

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The Case of the Bored Child goes like this: The child has a day off from school, and flops around while whining, “Mommy, I’m soooo bored! What should I do?”

To which the mom calmly points to the Bored Check List that is posted on the fridge door. The boldly typed fridge list has 30 ideas faster than a child can utter,  “I’m bored.”  And the kid gets the unspoken message – loud and clear from mom: Listen, it’s time for you to figure it out and find a way to entertain yourself.

Okay, so that’s what’s done when kids are bored stiff.  But, what about when grandmothers are literally bored out of their minds? How do they occupy their time?

How do they keep from driving themselves and/or their adult children crazy because they haven’t got a life?

How do they stay fulfilled during the potentially most fun stage of their lives?

For such cases, (think broken ankle, right?)  this grandmother  has compiled a useful to-do list.

Disclaimer: This list is not meant for any specifically  bored or uninspired individual.  It has been composed and shared for hypothetical purposes only, and for the hypothetically bored grandmother. This blogger has no particular  grandmother in mind when compiling the list. In fact, this grandmother/writer who recently broke her ankle, is never ever bored.

30 Activities for Hypothetically Bored Bubby to Occupy Herself While Laid Up in Bed

1. Write a list of ideas that a bored person may use to occupy oneself.

2. Read a book.

3. Compose song lyrics and music about overcoming boredom.

4. Create a needlepoint project.

5. Fix up someone you know on a blind date.

6. Write a letter or email to a friend.

7. Call a former friend from your last high school reunion.

8. Sort through old photos into boxes for arranging digital transfer.

9. Frame some 5 by 7 or 8 by 10 photos and hang them up.

10. Study an instrument such as piano or guitar, and practice.

11. Watch old home videos.

12. Write some thank you notes to people who you appreciate.

13. Study a new language online.

14. Write a poem.

15. Compile a guest list with addresses for next big party you will make

16. Visit a sick or lonely person.

17. Do the New York Times crossword puzzle.

18. Write and submit an article to a magazine.

19. Pray or meditate.

20. Take a nap.

21. Listen to soothing music with nature sounds.

22. Invite friends over to visit.

23. Discuss a mutually favorite book with a friend over the phone.

24. Plan menus for a week of dinners.

25. Draw a picture using color-by-number for adults

26. Start a blog on a topic about your passion.

27. Write a letter to the editor of a magazine or newspaper.

28. Take a walk on the beach with a friend or spouse.

29. Take a long drive and listen to a book on tape while driving.

30. Peruse an old cookbook and find a simple but new recipe to try.

There you have it. Have I left anything out? Please let me know… In the meantime, this list will keep all of us busy and out of trouble!


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4 Responses

  1. Good ideas- I hope you’re not bored, though I know you have a long recuperation ahead. How about– reading all the books by one author? Joining a “virtual” book club so you don’t have to travel, learning a new craft, and so on. Stay positive and heal well. Hugs

    • Nope. Not bored here. Thanks. The list was stolen from the things I’ve been doing and loving. Thank goodness pain is gone, so I can focus on my hobbies. I love your idea about reading series of books by a single author! That’s clever because the continuity is there…. thanks so much, Lisa!

  2. This is a fabulous list, Miriam. I do hope you’re feeling better and healing as hoped, despite the accompanying boredom.
    Okay, I have one for you… and this may be a little more TMI than you’d hoped. But when I’m trying to fall asleep, I sometimes choreograph dances in my mind. I’m not a dancer… or singer or musician. But it soothes me to imagine graceful turns and swoops and swings and such to calming music. So maybe choreograph mind dances of some sort. 😀

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