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A Kodak Moment or a Joyful Moment

Posted on: June 10th, 2012 by bubbyjoysandoys 2 Comments

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Picture Perfect at the Park

Today was a beautiful day, and my husband and I decided to take the day off and spend some time with our kids and grandkids. We met at a lovely park around 45 miles from LA (a bit far for going to the park – but we like to be creative and try new parks all the time!). This particular park had a lake, a playground, a sand area, and gorgeous grass, mountains and even a quaint wooden bridge that goes across the lake.

After parking our car, and walking around, exploring the scenery, lovely mountains, and pointing out the “duckies” to the kids, we finally found a nice shady area where we parked ourselves and watched the kids run around. (my husband and I sat comfortably while our son and daughter-in-law ran after the kids!).

My first thought as I watched my 4-year old grandson climb the monkey bars, go on the slide and squeal “Daddy, look what I can do!” in his too-cute-for-words high pitched voice, was “take a picture!” I wanted to get up, go over to the child and snap some pictures.

But I didn’t.

I sat there and just watched. I was glued to the grass. Some of this feeling stemmed from  laziness and complacency (I’ll take a picture later…later…let’s just enjoy and relax for now...)

But it was more than that. The kids and their excitement took my breath away. I couldn’t find the energy to spare at that moment to lift myself up and focus on a camera or cell phone. All I could do was just sit and feel very very proud.

Not “proud” in an arrogant sense, but “proud” in a grateful sense. How very fortunate and blessed I am to have these adorable, happy grandkids playing in the fresh air and being in good health to watch them.

A good friend told us that at the end of the day, it’s really all about the joy, the “nachas” and pleasure that we derive from our children and grandchildren. These are the things that keep us going. Sometimes life is hectic and other times life is more relaxed. We really appreciate the relaxing moments, because we can cherish and feel and live and enjoy the sensation of the nachas. Without taking that picture. Without that Kodak Moment. Just a regular nachas moment.

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2 Responses

  1. Beth Jawary says:

    B”H for those regular nachas moments and having the insight to know they can be enjoyed without the photos. Yet I wonder, would taking the photo then provide us with ongoing nachas each time we look back at it and remember the moment?

    • omilaca says:

      Great point! It’s all about knowing when, where, and how much! Another insight from Bubby to Bubby…thanks for pointing that out…

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