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We’re on a Roll – Another Winner!

Posted on: January 20th, 2013 by bubbyjoysandoys 8 Comments

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It’s a small world after all, It’s a small world after all..

I’m on a roll. I’m in the mood for showing my appreciation to people from all over the world.

Yup, you read right. According to the title above, I am about to announce another winner.

What, you ask, am I talking about?

I’ll tell you: a few days ago I announced a “call” for grandmother names in different languages.  From different countries.

It is indeed a small world. I asked my readers to spare me the task of having to look up all the ways to say “Grandma” on Google Translator.  I asked for the translation of Grandma into their languages. I have viewers of my Grandmother  blog from myriad countries. It’s impossible that each one of them says “Grandma,” or “Granny.” So I wanted to know how they call their own grandmothers; or how they are called as grandparents. After all, we are a global community, aren’t we?

A few days later, I wrote an update on the original call for names, in which I asked even the English speaking readers of my blog to share anecdotes about what their grandchildren call them.

And as a writer of a Grandmother blog, I ought to expand my grandmother lingo past Yiddish (Bubby), Hebrew (Savta), or English (Grandma).

And past any of the variations that I am aware of: Oma/Omi (German), Nana (Italian, I think).

So, I got back a few responses from people who live in the US., Australia, and  Canada. Some were via email and others via the comments.

However, the one response that struck me as most interesting was from Ryan in Indonesia.

True, I didn’t call it a “contest.” I did not promise a winner; but nevertheless, I would like to acknowledge the winner.

Drum Roll…..dum dee dum…

Hence, Ryan, from Jacarta, Indonesia who sent a  response.

Ryan wrote to me how to say “Grandma” in Indonesian. And as a bonus, he even included Grandpa in Indonesian.

Here are the comment posts with suggestions from Ryan and others.

Here is Ryan’s blog.

Thanks to Alesia from Alesiablogs for sharing about the title “Oma” (German or Swiss) in her family.

Thanks to Lisa from Cyclingrandma as well for her insights about her grandchildren calling her Grandma and the other grandmothers “Savta” (Hebrew). Additionally, Lisa shares how her adult children refer to Lisa’s own parents (the little one’s great grandparents) when speaking to the little ones as  “Alte Bubbe” which is Yiddish for Great Grandmother.

And thanks to all the others.

I really appreciate it!

And now….let’s get more people responding:

All of you in: India, Thailand, Phillippines, New Zealand, Russia, Romania, Spain, Pakistan, Kuwait, Sweden, Portugal, Czech Republic, Guyana, Guatemala, Barbados, Peru, Switzerland, Cambodia, Chile, Kenya, Latvia, South Africa, Finland, Denmark, Italy, Brazil, France, Turkey, Belgium, Ireland...

Etc. etc…..

Let us know. Okay?


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8 Responses

  1. ryan says:

    Wow… i’m shocked and overwhelmed here.

    Terima kasih Bubby (boleh kan saya panggil demikian?) atas penghargaannya.

    • OmaOrBubby says:

      Let me copy this down and go ask my friend who works in a store near my house – he’s from Bangladesh – would he know Indonesian? Oh wait – I’ll look it up on Google translator. Be back soon. 🙂
      Okay just google-translated it – you said “Thank you Bubby (can I call it that?) for the appreciation”
      And my response is: You are very welcome! And yes, my official “title” is Bubby for grandma to my grandchildren!
      Thanks for your comment 🙂
      Todah rabah (that’s Hebrew for thanks a lot)

  2. fishmanformosa says:

    my father A”H was “Bumpa Ted,” for all the grandkids (k”h 6) b/c that’s how “grandpa” sounded to our first son, when he started talking. The nickname stuck and we (and Grandpa) loved it! mf los angeles

    • OmaOrBubby says:

      I like Bumpa! My great grandfather,from Belgium was called Bon-pa, which means (in French) Good father, for “grandfather” – But we said “Bompa” because it was easier to say an “m” instead of an n.

  3. Thanks for the ping back!
    My kids are referring to my parents as alte when talking to their kids. I had great grandparents as a child and called them grandma and grandpa (with their first names added.) Nice idea for a post! If we could unite all the grandmas and grandpas of the world maybe we could have peace.

    • OmaOrBubby says:

      THanks Lisa – I’m making the change right now on the post — re the names. 🙂
      Amen to your blessing for world peace. Grandmas and Grandpas of the world can probably pull it off with their wisdom and unity!

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