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VWB – Very Witty and Blogless

Posted on: May 4th, 2013 by bubbyjoysandoys 1 Comment

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For this post, VWB is moving away temporarily from Virtual Writing Buddies…to Very Witty and Blogless.Today I’m going to brag about my friend, Beth J.writinggroup

Beth J does not have a blog  (yet), while being  an accomplished writer and one of the original members of our writing group.

Beth has contributed some hysterical grandmother anecdotes for my book, which I dutifully camouflaged for the sake of anonymity.

Beth J. (to be distinguished from my other Beth friend, Beth F.) is witty and funny.  Her feedback is always spot on and she is an asset to our group. As a special educator at Conejo Academy, elementary schools and high schools,  she is the go-to person for tough questions about best practices in special and general education in our city.

Beth is active in Aish Hatorah, is a terrific cook, and a great “eema” of seven (mother of 7 is her moniker).

Thanks Beth for the great input you give to our group!

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  1. I’m enjoying these tributes to your blogging friends. In my book, Tangerine Tango, three of the writers are “blogless.” I’m encouraging them to start one, but it’s a slow process.

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