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Update on Call for Name Submissions

Posted on: January 17th, 2013 by bubbyjoysandoys 4 Comments

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Everyone has a story about what their grandmother is called, or what they are called as a grandmother. That’s why I posted yesterday a Call for Name Submissions.

I’m warmed that so far I’ve received a few responses. Some German translations for Grandma, and one particular Indonesian translation for Grandma (and he included Grandpa too, in Indonesian).

A few Yiddish responses and that’s it. I suppose the Americans are not responding (yet) with names they use (because they figure it is English and not interesting to me)- but I’m going to mention that you can also.  That would be very interesting also.

Regarding Americans, if you’d like to include a nice story or anecdote behind the English  name, such as “so and so couldn’t pronounce the regular way of saying it, so we call our Grandmother, ___________”, by all means do so. Or I am called “nana” because ________. Share the story and background of the name choice.

In short, whatever the country,  language, pronunciation, or appellation, please comment in my previous post (or under this post), how you are called – or your own grandmother has been called.


Omi Regular (That’s why my grandson calls me to differentiate from another “Omi” that he has…)


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4 Responses

  1. brochoh says:

    what happened to my yesterday’s comment

  2. […] few days later, I wrote an update on the original call for names, in which I asked even the English speaking readers of my blog to share anecdotes about […]

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