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What Kind of Mother-in-law Are You?

So – you’re looking back at your life and thinking about some past relationships with daughters, sons, daughters-in-law, sons-in-law….mothers-in-law, moms, dads….sisters….

If only I did it differently….I wish I know then what I knew now…I could kick myself over some of the things I said or did.

What was I thinking?

Stop. Don’t do that to yourself. Don’t beat yourself up over the past, and chances are it wasn’t that bad.

Read my Guest Post on today’s guest author section in MiddleSage website.

Still – learn for the future. Are you doing your best to be NICE? Yes – I know they say that “nice guys finish last…” but still – when it comes to in-law pays to take the high road.

Do you fit into any of the categories below?

a) You love your DIL’s and SIL’s  (that’s daughters-in-law and sons -in-law FYI), but you’re not so sure if you are mean or nice.

b) You just had a fight with your DIL or SIL and you are really angry at them. You’re convinced that they are wrong and you’re right.

c) You had a difficult experience with being bullied as a child, as a daughter-in-law, as an employee — and you’re worried that maybe you might repeat those abusive behaviors with your own children in -law.

d) People tell you that you have a mean-streak. Of course you don’t agree, but you just want to make sure.

e) None of the above- but you love to read good relationship advice.

There you have it – check out my Guest Post- the Seven Signs that You May Be a Bullying Mother-in-law

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