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The Ultimate Friend

Saw this somewhere on a Group that I follow:
“G-d doesn’t use an iPhone but He is my favorite contact.
He is not on Facebook but He is my best Friend.
He is not on Twitter but I follow Him nevertheless.
He doesn’t need internet yet I am connected to Him,
And although He has a massive communication system,
He never Un-Friends me, nor does He put me on hold.”
As I shared this on Facebook (the app that is on my blackberry), and then jumped at each of the “Likes” I got while browsing the internet, I decided I have a ways to go before integrating the essence of the above quote.

C’est la vie. It’s all about the process.





Like Riding a Bicycle

I logged onto my email account one night last week, and found the following from my friend, Chani* (name changed to protect the guilty!), from out of state:

Chani: Hi there, Miriam! How are things? I”m babysitting for my 7-month old grand-daughter, and as I write this, she is screaming in the crib. I can’t get her to sleep. Any ideas? Thanks! Chani. P.S. Her parents don’t like it when she cries herself to sleep…

Me: Hi Chani! Why don’t you try holding her and cooing her to sleep? Or better yet, let her cry herself to sleep – after all, it’s your house, right? Oh whatever. I don’t like to give advice. I’m sure you will be fine. Continue reading

Playing By Ear

Some things in life are meant to be planned. As the saying goes, “if we fail to plan, we plan to fail.” For example, dieting, traveling, teaching, concert performance, and public speaking are pursuits that require planning. Preparing one’s food for a nutritious diet, organizing a travel itinerary ahead of time, writing up lesson plans, practicing one’s music repertoire, and composing a speech are ways that can help one achieve the strongest results.

Yet, other situations in life  call for playing by ear, improvising and figuring things out as one goes along.

Or better yet, some people are not that great at planning. They prefer to have a loose plan and then kind of wing it when the time comes. Just figure things out as we go along. Kind of make it work.  Continue reading

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