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Is Prayer like an ATM Machine?

I once heard a speaker say before a large crowd “Listen, God is NOT an ATM machine!”  atm-machine-1355804210AhG

The imagery was great; I immediately pictured myself standing before the local ATM  machine, plugging in my card, and punching on the screen: 2 bills of health. 5 bills of livelihood, and 3 bills of a speedy recovery for that friend of ours.

As trite as the metaphor sounded, I   got his point.  It’s not a matter of demanding from God what we need. It’s not a matter of EXPECTATIONS. It’s a relationship, and we have to “give” to God as well in the ways that we know are correct. Continue reading

Bubby’s Blessings

Recently, my supervisor at my workplace, asked me what “Shana Tova” means. She is a Christian, but – living in Southern California – is  familiar with Jewish terminology.  Often she asks me to explain certain words, phrases or customs. I told her that it means “Good Year” literally, but is the equivalent of “Happy New Year.” She smiled and said, “May you have a good and happy new year!” And then I told her about “Shana Tova U’Metuka” which means “Good and Sweet Year!” She agreed that all are good to have: good, sweet, happy. It’s all good!!

Which reminds me of how many ways one can wish blessings to others at this time of year.  Some say, “gut gebentched yahr” (German/Yiddish for a “good and blessed year”). Others list all the different areas in life one is to be blessed: health, livelihood, success, etc. In Hebrew/Yiddish it somehow sounds much better:

Gezunt (health), Parnassah (livelihood), Hatzlacha (success), Brachos (blessings), Mazel (fortune), Nachas (pride/pleasure).

I could get carried away giving (and receiving) blessings. It makes me feel good to spread warmth and good cheer around, especially at this time of year. And writing this post, I could  probably list more languages, customs, and styles in various cultures here (in Hawaii they say “Shaloha!” for Shalom/Aloha!”).

But then this post will be way too long.

So instead, I will end with a mini-blessing: whatever the language, whatever the style – may we all have a good, happy, sweet, healthy, fulfilling, blessed New Year!


On Bubby Births and More

This week my good friend’s daughter gave birth to twin girls! Double Mazel Tov! What a simcha! Also, my niece had a baby girl, and my other niece had a baby boy! Double mazel tov there too! Thank G-d for all these Mazel Tov’s.

Meanwhile, I am  kind of (read: very very) excited about a personal Mazel Tov! – the release of  my book that tells the story of my birth as a Bubby! Five years ago, a Bubby was born; I became a grandmother. Not the first and not the last, and certainly not the only Bubby who was excited to become one (although it sure seems like that, from the way I tend to talk about grandmother-hood!). Nevertheless, I am a Bubby who decided to write about my perceptions, insights and funny stories  vis-a-vis my married children,  grandchildren, and adult children. Those writings —-and more —- evolved into the book, Mazel Tov! It’s a Bubby! – to be released on September 5, 2012, please G-d, in book stores.

And on September 11, the Bubby (that would be me) will be speaking at her good friend’s house at: 171 North Fuller Ave. in Los Angeles – from 7:30 to 9:30 pm. to promote her book, to sign books that people purchase beforehand from stores, and  bring with them, and to have some books on hand for those who want to buy over there (at a 15% discount while supplies last). Refreshments will be served. Please RSVP – by September 6,  if you plan to attend, at my grandmother/baby gear gemach website — at 

What could be interesting about being a Grandmother? Well, to answer that question, one would have had to read the Binah Magazine which chronicled my birth and growth as a grandmother over the past five years.  And now – Mazel Tov! It’s a Bubby!   is a sequential collection of those stories in the order of how I experienced them, as well as many additional stories and topics that have never been published before.

I feel passionate about this topic, and look forward to meeting you all at the book signing, as we  share and explore the joys and oys of being a mother, mother-in-law and grandmother!

Mothers, mothers-in-law, grandmothers, daughters, daughters-in-law are all welcome!

Shabbat Shalom and Shana Tova!

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