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School Diary #2: Ten Prayers for My Students in the New Year


It is the time of year for prayers for a good year. I pray for my family, friends and loved ones, and my high school students.

This month I returned to the classroom after over 5 years since I’ve taught in a formal classroom. This opportunity came up early in the summer and I decided to dive in again to my old love of teaching English, literature and writing to 9th and 10th grade girls.

Each one of my students is a unique soul.

Here are some hopes and goals that I have for my students. They will work hard in my class and hopefully achieve success. For the 10 months of the school year, I have 10 prayers for my students to find, experience, feel, develop, learn, value, improve, grow, achieve and work…and so much more.



  1. … each student finds and experiences her unique gifts. Whether that be writing poetry, essays, decorating bulletin boards or participating in debates.
  2. … each student feels accepted and loved by her teachers and peers.
  3. … each student develops self-control to regulate her classroom behavior.
  4. … each student learns accountability for turning in assignments and being prepared for class.
  5. … each student values the process of making errors and growing from them.
  6. … each student is comfortable asking questions when she doesn’t understand the material.
  7. … each student improves organization skills, including keeping books and papers in order.
  8. … each student grows in her capacity to not only hear, but listen to peers and teachers who are speaking.
  9. … each student achieves the social skills necessary to work in groups with her peers.
  10. … each student shares a love of books and the written word.

I ask G-d to allow me to provide an environment in the classroom that encourages my students to blossom in the 10 ways above. Amen.

Stay tuned for weekly Teacher’s Diary updates.

Quitting While I’m Ahead

I’m taking a break from the grandmother theme….for today.

Instead I’m going to blog about themes, in general.

My life seems to revolve around themes. The same old themes and messages keep coming up over and over again. It’s like a boring play that plays again and again until I learn what I am supposed to learn.

My latest theme has been about messing up in the eleventh hour. Or basically doing really well for the first ten hours, and then boom! I sabotage my success.

Let’s take food, for example. Yup. I stick to my food plan for the entire day, and I mean perfectly for whole ten hours of the day. From seven in the morning when I wake up…all the way until five in the afternoon, I eat all the right things. Healthy breakfast, healthy lunch, healthy snacks in between. Continue reading

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