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30 Ideas for Bored Bubbies (Grandmothers)

The Case of the Bored Child goes like this: The child has a day off from school, and flops around while whining, “Mommy, I’m soooo bored! What should I do?”

To which the mom calmly points to the Bored Check List that is posted on the fridge door. The boldly typed fridge list has 30 ideas faster than a child can utter,  “I’m bored.”  And the kid gets the unspoken message – loud and clear from mom: Listen, it’s time for you to figure it out and find a way to entertain yourself.

Okay, so that’s what’s done when kids are bored stiff.  But, what about when grandmothers are literally bored out of their minds? How do they occupy their time? Continue reading

The Pile on the Nighttable

Oh – that pile on the nightstand. That neat pile of books. The last I counted, there were four of them. The unfinished pile. It beckons. It calls me. Every night at around 10 pm or later, when I retire to bed after a long day, I have full intentions of picking up one of those books and reading them. One of them is half read. Another one just came from Amazon to my home yesterday. A third one is a Jodi Picoult book, a novel that I started reading, but got caught up into the Half-Read-Book previously mentioned. Alas, these books remain unfinished.

The Unfinished Symphony – you know the one that Joseph Haydn the composer, wrote? He never finished it, and that’s what made it famous. Why would someone write something and leave it hanging? Why would someone read something and not finish it? Lots of reasons: no time, boredom, other interests, lack of concentration.

What about pure exhaustion? Yes, I literally start to read the book, and my eyes close. In the morning, or when I get up in middle of the night, I find that book buried under my covers, or more likely on the floor, cracked open at the spine and lying on its back, all forlorn, with one page half up in the air.

I wonder how to overcome this book hurdle.  How do I keep myself from falling asleep? (take a nap in middle of the day?) I love reading. It has always been something I did for relaxation. And for stimulation. A good book’s message and compelling characters stick with me for days or even weeks.

But now, my energy level just runs out, and I can’t stay up long enough to finish a page or a page and a half.  And at that rate, beyond a bunch of short magazine articles that I easily complete, I will be the eternal reader of the Unfinished Novel.

Any ideas?

Bubby’s Book Club

I was talking to a friend of mine, a Bubby of kids from infancy to 11 years old. Bubby Lydia has begun a tradition with her grandkids. When each grandchild turns 4 years old, he or she is accepted to “Bubby’s Book Club.”

When one is a member of Bubby’s book club, one gets to read stories with Bubby every Sunday morning. You see, this Bubby has grandchildren all over the world – literally. Some in Johannesburg, South Africa. Others in Beit Shemesh, Israel. And others in New York City. It is no matter that this  Bubby  lives in Los Angeles.  She misses her grandchildren greatly, and has figured out a way to get to know them.

Modern Technology.

Enter Skype. Bubby and the children turn on Skype, open their respective copies of whatever book is being read. And Bubby begins to read. The next best thing to being there – with Bubby and Grandchild on opposite ends of the world or country sharing a story – together as one.

Something to consider – for those grandmothers longing for a connection and bonding experience with their long-distance grandchildren!

And the younger kids look forward to becoming members of the Club!

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