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Seven Realities of Masks


Recently,we celebrated the Jewish Holiday of Purim when children and many adults get dressed up and do things all upside down. This is one way we commemorate the story of Purim in Persia about 2500 years ago. I’ve been thinking that life is often about dressing up and wearing masks. Even if we don’t wear actual costumes every day, we often wear intangible masks and other forms of cover-ups in our daily lives.

And so, I’ve taken a serious look at this light and fun holiday today; I’ve compiled seven life realities inherent in all kinds of masks.


1. Masks portray an element of surprise and life is full of surprises. You just never know what will happen.
2. Masks are temporary; eventually one unmasks and the real face is shown. In life, there’s just so long that one can keep the charade or masquerade going.
3. Masks have holes for the eyes to peek through. In life, the real person’s soul is shown in his/her eyes.
4. Masks are uncomfortable and stuffy to wear. In life, it’s a pain to cover up. Much easier to just be real. Right?
5. Masks protect from disease and germs. In life, we often wear masks to protect ourselves from emotional hurt.
6. Masks can be scary, whether it’s your own mask or someone else’s. In life, it’s scary to relate to one who is not honest with oneself.

  1. Masks cover up most facial cues, since the mouth, nose and cheeks are often hidden. In life, wearing a mask prevents a person from relating and emoting properly.
Look Ma! No Mask!!

How about you? Can you think of any other parallels between masks and life? Let me know.



Happiness is…

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I don’t recall who it was, but I do find that these days more things make me happy.

And more things make me sad.

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