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Writer’s Regret

Have you ever had the experience of regret at having said something     tape-measure-1350635791Umn

that was really ridiculous, insensitive or even plain wrong?

Or – if you are a writer – have you ever had the following experience?

You’ve written something that got published, and happened to read it again (if you even do that – isn’t that like listening to your own voice on a recording? Ugh!).

You  thought to yourself:

“What was I thinking? This material is completely…er..annoying.”

It just doesn’t measure up.

I wonder what causes people to have “writer’s regret.” Continue reading

The Crooked Cap

My grandson graduated from nursery school yesterday.

When I got to the backyard where the “event” (sounds a bit formal for 4 year olds – doesn’t it?) was being held, I took a seat in the front row – next to his mom.  As soon as the kids came marching into place on the stage (with their teacher leading them in song),  I searched for my grandson among the group, and zeroed right in to watch him in his debut.

I turned to my daughter-in-law and whispered, “Why is his hat crooked?”

She said, “Ma, he’s FOUR.”

True. He’s four. I’m fifty two. And I’m worrying about his slanted sailor cap on his head. Continue reading

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