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Gift Giving Styles


Imagine coming home one day and finding a large set of furniture in your living room that you had no idea would be there? How would you feel?

a) thrilled that you now have a room of furniture

b) On the phone with a moving company to get it out in storage.

c) a mixture of happy, angry, sad and confused.

d) on the phone immediately with the well-meaning giver to request that it be exchanged.

Okay, by a raise of  my readers’ virtual hands, how many of you grandmothers (mothers-in-law?) or grandchildren LOVE to get gifts? How many love to GIVE gifts?

Everyone? Some of you? None of you? Continue reading

Weight Loss, Goals and Motivation

Recently I received a post from a Weight Watcher classmate of mine, Jennifer.  I laughed out loud when reading what she had suggested. Quoting her friend Kristine, Jennifer wrote that when faced with temptation or possible binges over the holidays, we ought to ask ourselves, “are we eating said binge in order to indulge, or are we eating said binge so that we can simply cope with whatever anxiety we have at the time?” Continue reading

Holiday Happiness Habits

Holidays are an exciting time. Many look forward to getting together with family and friends and celebrating the winter holidays, whether they are Chanukah or Christmas. People want to be happy all the time, but during the holidays, they expect to be happy. During the holidays, many of us feel entitled to be happy. After all, “everyone” is happy, right? (remember we said that to our parents: “Everyone has that toy, everyone has those shoes….” Remember the answer our parents gave us?)

Lots of scholars have written about what constitutes happiness. In fact, Dennis Prager, renowned radio personality devotes an entire show to that elusive feeling called “happiness.” He calls it “Happiness Hour.”  Some people are forever chasing happiness, and others find it right within their self. They are satisfied with their lot. No expectations. Continue reading

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