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Graduations, Grandparents, and Gratitude

Today I attended an important graduation.

It wasn’t my own graduation. I haven’t had any of those lately, even though several years ago, I graduated from being a mom of growing children.

Today, I attended my grandson’s kindergarten ceremony.


 And it was most exciting because my husband and I enjoy watching our grandsons’ milestones.

You see, my youngest son, who is 20 and his brother above him are studying out of town. With the rest of our sons married, my husband and I have got the empty nest, and we are grateful. Continue reading

Launch of My MIL (mother-in-law) Site

I recently read an article on a noted grandparenting website.  The humorous article was basically a MIL-DIL translator:

The article was a list of examples to the effect of: If your MIL says this, she really means this. And if your DIL says that, she really means that. So before hearing what each other has to say, check out this clear translator and you will be able to understand each other.

While I chuckled at the article, I disagreed with its premise. I believe in finding our Center, our tools for growth, and tweaking our own behaviors so that our relationships are smooth and loving. Continue reading

A Grandmother’s Deja Vu Experience

dejavu.image credit/source

We’ve all had the experience. You’re standing somewhere, in a particular situation of your daily life, and suddenly you think, “hey, I’ve felt this feeling before. This feels so familiar…when did this happen to me? Where was I when it happened in the past….?”

It’s called “having a deja vu.”

Just this morning, I had a deja vu experience.  Except the difference was that I didn’t wonder “where or when.”

I knew exactly where. And I knew exactly when.

It was as if I was back several decades ago,  experiencing something in the exact same way.

Before I drive you crazy with wondering what in the world I’m talking about, I’ll tell you the story. Continue reading

Helicopter Grandparents

We’ve all heard about helicopter mothers, the moms you see in the soccer field cheering their kids on from the stands, and if said kids do not happen to be on the winning team, these moms get very upset.

Hovering Grandparents Swooping Down...Be Careful....

Hovering Grandparents Swooping Down…Be Careful….

Helicopter Moms  —  coined by Jim Fay and Foster Cline, have  received a bad rap – and for good reason. These parents hover just above their kids’ heads (and hearts), watching their kids’ every move, and basically living their own life  through that of  their suffocating and frustrated children.

But what about Helicopter Grandparents? How do they fit into the picture? Do Helicopter Moms (and Dads) who are unchecked (and haven’t worked on themselves to undo their annoying helicopter behaviors) grow up to become Helicopter Grandparents?

Continue reading

We’re on a Roll – Another Winner!

It’s a small world after all, It’s a small world after all..

I’m on a roll. I’m in the mood for showing my appreciation to people from all over the world.

Yup, you read right. According to the title above, I am about to announce another winner.

What, you ask, am I talking about?

I’ll tell you: a few days ago I announced a “call” for grandmother names in different languages.  From different countries.

It is indeed a small world. I asked my readers to spare me the task of having to look up all the ways to say “Grandma” on Google Translator.  I asked for the translation of Grandma into their languages. I have viewers of my Grandmother  blog from myriad countries. It’s impossible that each one of them says “Grandma,” or “Granny.” So I wanted to know how they call their own grandmothers; or how they are called as grandparents. After all, we are a global community, aren’t we? Continue reading

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