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Graduations, Grandparents, and Gratitude

Today I attended an important graduation.

It wasn’t my own graduation. I haven’t had any of those lately, even though several years ago, I graduated from being a mom of growing children.

Today, I attended my grandson’s kindergarten ceremony.


 And it was most exciting because my husband and I enjoy watching our grandsons’ milestones.

You see, my youngest son, who is 20 and his brother above him are studying out of town. With the rest of our sons married, my husband and I have got the empty nest, and we are grateful. Continue reading

Boy Versus Girl: An Uneven Ratio

I always enjoyed listening to my 5 year old grandson tell me anecdotes about his playmates at school.

For example, he was concerned that Rebecca was allergic to yoghurt and so when another kid girls had that for lunch, Rebecca had to hold her nose. My grandson also shared with me when his friend Rachel went out of town to visit her Grandma and all about what Ariella brought for snack that day.

He seemed really interested in the girls, which did not surprise me, given his precociousness as a young man (Okay, okay, I”m sounding really prejudiced). Continue reading

Graduation Pomp and Circumstance

June is graduation time.  I love graduations. I love reading the programs, watching the kids in their caps and gowns, starched suits, or colorful costumes walk down the aisle, and line up on stage. Depending upon whether it’s a kindergarten graduation, elementary school, high school or college, I just get a thrill about all the pomp and circumstance.

And this year, I have two family graduations to attend. One is my youngest son’s graduation from high school. That one makes me feel old. I am prepared to cry, laugh, and feel really emotional. It’s hard to believe that my “baby” is graduating 12th grade. Wow! Continue reading

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