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A New Facelift

Yes I know – you’re reading the title and thinking “Huh, this grandmother got a facelift?”

Nope. Not quite. I’m actually talking about a more important face.The face that I’ve been playing around with for the past 15 months, and now I’ve decided to put a few more finishing touches.

Not the face on my body. Not the face of my diet plan. No – it’;s not always about food, is it?

Okay, it's not always about food, right?

Okay, it’s not always about food, right?

The face of this blog. Yes.

First – the obvious. No more yellow. I changed the background of the screen — to a sort of pale pink  I don’t know what it’s called, but after trying out various shades of green and blue, and even pink, I settled on this shade.

For now.

You see, I’m asking my readers to weigh in on the changes I’ve made (on my blog. not my diet, remember?).

From the extra info on the site, to the stuff I deleted, to the change in the look. To whatever you’d like to see more of, and/or less of. (my blog – not my face? K?)

To the content (well of course).

So as  I’m in this transitional phase with my blog (got it?), please let me know what you would like to see more or less of in this blog. You may drop me an email (in the sidebar – in the contact section!), or just write it in the comment section below.

Let me know how much more of a facelift (or less) you’d like to see – both aesthetically and in content!

Addendum:  The consensus has been from my readers  that the pale pink color – while attractive to some – was hard to read for others. So – hence the white background. Thanks for the feedback!

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More Writing Buddies

As my final post for now on Writing Buddies, I would like to feature three more writing friends.  After that, I will go back to my regular Grandmother and related topics. I will return to writing buddies and book reviews at a later date.

1. Leah (Sherri) Henkin, of Growing the Write Way, is an expert in technical writing. Leah joined our group later in the game, but has quickly become an asset to our group with her helpful feedback and organized mind. Leah sees the good and beauty in all of God’s creations and is a model in building character traits. Leah has a personal relationship with many noted authors including Perel Grossman, the author of Adventures in the Produce Aisleand S. Bulman who authored two books: Tea with the Rebbetzin and Another Cup of Tea with the….  All of these books have elements of grandmothers kvelling about their grandchildren, a theme that many grandmothers can relate to!

Continue reading

And the Winner is……for “Pay It Forward”

Several weeks ago, I announced a “contest”- as a “pay it forward” from the generosity that I had received from one of my favorite bloggers, Bottledworder, in which she posted something I wrote about her blog on January 5, 2013. I was particularly honored because I value Bottledworder’s writing, and so when she took my comments seriously and posted them for all her followers to see, I felt validated as a writer. Continue reading

Paying it Forward

I’ve been feeling very fortunate lately for a variety of reasons. Maybe the word is blessed. Not that everything in my life is rosy. There is definitely room for lots of improvement.  What I’m referring to is a certain sense of calm and peace of mind and acceptance that I don’t think I had when I was younger. Continue reading

Meet Bottledworder – Good to the last drop!

Many of us bloggers read other blogs that are out there in cyberspace. Some of these blogs are written by friends or acquaintances of ours, and others are written by total strangers – blogs we just come across, or “stumble upon” to use a social media buzzword. Continue reading

The Aftershocks of Criticism

It happened yesterday. I thought I could push it off for at least another few months. But alas, the inevitable occurred. Deep down I knew it was bound to happen, but I was in denial and I was enjoying the honeymoon. And when it — the inevitable –happened, it hit me between the eyes. I felt the sting for about a minute. Then the pain , having reached its peak, began to subside. After several minutes of deep breathing, I was fine. Yes, I survived and yes, I am here to tell the story. Continue reading

UnBottled Thoughts

I have some thoughts inside me that need to be released or “unbottled.” These are thoughts tangential to my usual topic of being a grandmother – a “bubby” in Yiddish.  Since I am a grandmother who writes, I find the theme of  “writing about writing” to be quite intriguing. Recently,  I read a brilliant post by one talented  writer/blogger of that topic on her  site.  I agree with her premise, and I’d like to express  my own bottled thoughts (soon to be unbottled) regarding her post.

In her essay, Ms. Bottledworder  posits that writers are different in their sensitivities and insecurities from other professionals or tradesmen. For example, when a writer writes an essay, he throws his whole self into the process. Whether or not he writes about himself, he is allowing himself – his voice if you will – to be out there, to be vulnerable to others. Continue reading

Are they your grandchildren?

Ever since my book came out, I have been flooded (already!) with many comments, feedback accolades, and blessings. And then come the questions, which I am happy and excited to answer. However, there is one question that has baffled me from the beginning (all of 3 days ago!).

“Are these kids on the cover your grandchildren?”


First off, the answer is no. The kids are  complete strangers. Adorable, charming and lively. But strangers to me. In fact, I give credit for the cover design – or “jacket design” as it is called — to the graphic artist assigned by the publisher. And as far as I know, no one asked me for my family photo album to use for the cover.

True, it must have been hard to find children as endearing as my own children grandchildren are – but they tried – and I think they succeeded.

The fact is that the children on the cover could be anyone’s children or grandchildren. They could be yours, mine, or that of the neighbors down the block. They are  every bit as adorable as every single mother and  grandmother out there feels about her own children and grandkids.

These children are a sample of wonderful kids who are celebrating the birth of a new Grandmother.

These kids seem to be happy, well-adjusted  kids. And that, as parents and grandparents is what we wish for the next generation.

So, my question to my readers of my book is “Are these kids YOUR children or grandchildren?”  Because if so, then the graphic artist has achieved her purpose.

Have nachas!



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