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“The Storyteller:” A Book Review

Today, April 8, 2013, is Yom Hashoah, or Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Today is the day that commemorates the murder two-sides-every-storyof millions of people during the Holocaust. Between 1938 through 1945. 6 million Jews were murdered and millions of other groups such as gypsies, Poles etc.

This was a horrific time and will never ever be forgotten. Recently, a popular novelist, Jodi Picoult took on this subject and wrote a novel “The Storyteller” which was released in February. I read this book last week and I have mixed feelings.

Although I love Jodi’s writing, her imagery, her extensive and accurate research and her heavy topics that she chooses (such as autism, school shootings, end-of-life care, teenage suicide…and the list goes on…), I found that some parts of this book were excellent and others were mediocre. Continue reading

Time Fillers

How do you spend your time? A lot has been written about that as experts in time management advise us to ask ourselves that question, in order that we may use our time efficiently.

Are we using our time in specific ways that are geared to advancing our goals? Or are we just filling time with “stuff” that has nothing to do with what we are trying to achieve?

I know I tend to do a little bit of both. My goals in life revolve around taking care of my family, myself, my work, hobbies, and community involvements. Then there are the things I do “for fun,” or “for leisure.” Those are important (like maintaining a blog – how much of a time filler is that? I wonder….hmmm), because we do need some “down time.” But a really organized and time-efficient person would allot time for that “down time” in the schedule of the day, alongside the “up time,” wouldn’t they? Continue reading

To Bring or Not To Bring

To Bring Kids or Not to Bring?

That is the question on many young parents’ minds when they have a simcha to attend, and cannot find a babysitter. Especially when the simcha is that of a cousin or close friend, these parents feel that urge to take the sleeping baby along. Or to take the well-behaved toddler along and seat them on mommy’s lap. Or to take the pre-school child along and have them not take a seat.

But in many places– such as restaurants or fancier homes – children are just not welcome. Not that these hosts don’t like kids. It’s just that they feel the kids upset the decorum of the event.

Continue reading

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