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Future Mother-in-law Prep: A Guest post by Beily Paluch

Just when I think I’ve written everything there is to write on a topic,  I remind myself to seek out other perspectives. Recently, I asked one blogger-friend to do that on a guest post for my blog. And on another occasion, another blogger-friend wrote a post for my blog right here. Both were from the perspectives of  daughters-in-law, and/or moms of little kids.

Just the other day, I posted my review of the new book, “Boy Oh Boy,” the engaging guide for mothers of young boys, written by Beily Paluch. Continue reading

Launch of My MIL (mother-in-law) Site

I recently read an article on a noted grandparenting website.  The humorous article was basically a MIL-DIL translator:

The article was a list of examples to the effect of: If your MIL says this, she really means this. And if your DIL says that, she really means that. So before hearing what each other has to say, check out this clear translator and you will be able to understand each other.

While I chuckled at the article, I disagreed with its premise. I believe in finding our Center, our tools for growth, and tweaking our own behaviors so that our relationships are smooth and loving. Continue reading

Picture Panic

As grandmothers and mothers-in-law, we often find ourselves in a tizzy.

Oh no! The kids did this…

Oh my goodness – what are they thinking?

It’s really not okay that they did this, that or the other thing.

I myself have been known to create drama out of simple innocent acts of those around me. Usually it takes a few hours or maybe a good night’s sleep for me to realize that I really need to chill out. Or, in other cases, we “work it out,” and all is well. Continue reading

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