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On Joining a Writer Mentoring Forum

Today I opened my stats and saw the following phrase used as a search by someone who found my blog:

“Do Carol Tice’s Tips Work?” (for the short answer: YES, they do!)

Now here’s the long answer:

As a blogger, I often check inside the blog stats  to see how people get to my blog. It helps me to know who my audience is so I can target to those people.

For example, there are various phrases people will type into search engines (such as google), and search engines will produce/pop up my blog in those cases — if I have used those phrases in my previous blogs.

Now, anyone who reads my blog pretty much knows the topics: grandmothers, mothers-in-law, grandchildren, music, networking, self-improvement, and a few side topics like writing as it pertains to being a grandmother of course!

A lot. But did you know that the topic of Carol Tice has recently been on my mind – and in my blog?

Here’s a phrase that I found in my stats today:

Do Carol Tice’s tips work?  

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6 Gramma-Relationship Errors

We all want to be good grandmothers some day. And if we are already grandmothers, we want to get along with our grandchildren and bond with them in a healthy way.

Baking cookies is a nice way to bond with grandchildren

Baking cookies is a nice way to bond with grandchildren

Recently I read a post by Carol Tice of “Make a Living Writing” website. Carol wrote  about grammar mistakes writers make that scream out “I am amatuer!”  Then she listed the 7 fixes for these  egregious errors  of bloggers.  I noted some of my own blog no-no’s featured in those pointers. Whether we are amateurs or not, we all make mistakes from time to time.

The trick is to learn from our mistakes. Continue reading

It’s All About Networking

Networking. Relationships. Social Media.

Carol Tice of the "Freelance  Writers' Den"

Carol Tice of the “Freelance Writers’ Den”

That’s what it is all about these days – when it comes to learning and growing in our personal and professional lives.

Recently, I realized the power of networking when I was invited byCarol Tice of  the Freelance Writer’s Den to come meet her at a local coffee shop in Los Angeles. Carol lives in Seattle and was going to be in LA for the weekend and  asked all her LA subscribers to join her at the Starbucks to talk shop.

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A Valuable Journalism Course

Hey everyone!

Carol Tice, the one who I talked about in a previous post…the one who offers all the great coaching for writing, is now offering a terrific course for journalist wannabes!

You know, great writers who want to learn the techniques of interviewing and integrating the conversations into a well written feature that people actually read? (yeah, we could do one that and kind of “wing it” without – but not too many people will read those!).

That’s the one I’m talking about.

Anyway, here’s the link to Carol’s Journalism Course. I would say to sign up as soon as you can.

Enjoy and write on!

The MALW Website: For Writers who want to Make a Living Writing

Did you ever read something really quickly?

Maybe it was an article or  a blog post.

Did you  take a double take, thinking “Whoa!?”

Did you read it again and realize how it really resonates with you and makes a lot of sense?

Did you feel as if the author was writing it just for you?

Or actually talking directly to you?

Well, that has been my experience when I read a website and its blog-full of advice, “Make a Living” by Carol Tice.

Also, I highly recommend Carol’s Den . More about the Den later…

Carol Tice is a writer, 6-figure earner,  and teacher/mentor for writers.   She gives oodles of tips and coaching to writers on how to make things work.

I won’t go into detail about all the great things that Carol has to offer but suffice it to say that Carol’s tips work.

She has a blog where you can sign up for free.   A regular blog with daily posts that come to your mailbox. But this blog and website is anything but “regular.” Continue reading

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