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Well, folks, it’s finally here!  After two years of posting on my Bubby Blog, updating it every now and then, and giving it some fresh looks, new photos, and interesting items in the sidebar…


I decided to take the plunge and give my blog a new facelift.

I had visions for the new site. At the same time, I was sad to see my old one go, because I had put so much effort the past few years in figuring stuff out, and making it all work.


So, my new look was a long time coming. And I hired Javier, the webmaster to do his magic. We went back and forth in emails and drafts for many weeks. And finally, it was done.

In case there are still kinks over the next few days or so, please bear with me, as I iron them out myself, or holler to Javier to fix them for me!

I hope you all will continue to comment and share on social media.


Happy grandmothering, mother-in-law-ing, growing…kvelling…and of course kvetching.

Please let me know what you like — and even what you don’t like —on this website. That way, through your kvelling (boasting) and kvetching (whining), I will know what doesn’t and does work!

And the Winner is……for “Pay It Forward”

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My New Tagline: Grandmas and Stretching

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