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Sharing Sad Feelings

Posted on: December 15th, 2012 by bubbyjoysandoys

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I can’t even bring myself to write a chatty and cheery blogpost. The past few days have been very sad ones for all of the world and especially America. The Connecticut tragedy is something that is unfathomable, and beyond belief. To use an old and tired cliche, I cannot wrap my head around it.

Feelings. I feel sad, mad, shocked, disillusioned, hopeless, worried, concerned, afraid…so many things. Sometimes I get distracted and keep busy and don’t feel as sad. But I can only imagine the people who are closely involved with the tragedy are experiencing intense emotions which will last a long time.

What do we do with our feelings? Do we squash them and deny them?

Do we wallow in them, and obsess over them?

Or do we deal with them – acknowledge them, feel them, name them, and then figure out a way to deal with the situation? That is what we, each individual who observes this horrific news out there must do.

I don’t know what the solution for the world is. I only know what I can do. I cannot change other people. We – I can only grow from this all as much as possible. Grow and find some solution in spite of the people out there who are sick, deranged people and commit crazy crimes.

At this point, all I could is dedicate this post to the 26 families who are suffering because of the senseless deaths. And to all their friends, family and loved ones who knew them. To their school and community and all those affected.

I pray for you, that you  heal over time. May G-d grant you some kind of healing. Amen.

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