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Shaking and Quaking

Posted on: July 25th, 2012 by bubbyjoysandoys

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It happened at 3 am. My husband and I felt it. The rest of our house did not feel a thing. “It” is a rather common occurrence here in California.  It was an earthquake – short, sharp and quick, but an unmistakable earthquake. We know our earthquakes, and yes – this was a real one. Whew. No seeming damage. It’s over. Thank G-d.

I did my usual checks before going back to sleep: contacted our kids and grandkids (ya – a short middle of night text of “are you okay?”) –and then once I received a return text  that they were fine thank G-d, I did my next post-earthquake routine: I checked the news.  I had to know the stats. The epicenter. The score on the Richter Scale. Hey, what good was an “earthquake-with-no-damage-or-injuries” Thank G-d (!!)  if we couldn’t at least brag the next day about the stats?

Well….it was 3.8 – and for those of you who are  not earthquake savvy, that is on a scale of 1 through 10. So 3.8 is a very very low score for any location with fault lines – especially Southern California. It is basically a “rollover- and-go-back-to-sleep” score.  In fact, it was so low that it barely made the news. Oh – and by the way, the epicenter was about 15 miles from our home (Marina del Rey), so that may have accounted for us feeling it stronger than its score. The closer one is to the epicenter the stronger one feels it.

So it didn’t make the local news (barely), nor did it make the national news (well hello! – lots of other things going on). Okay.

Which brings me to my lesson learned at this early hour of 8:09 am — it’s not all about us. We felt a little shaking. We move on. There are lots more “news worthy” things going on in the world (and in LA too).

But at the same time – I ask myself – is this a little “shake-up” call to reexamine my ways, tweak some of what I’m doing in my life? Maybe.  And if so, perhaps I (we all) ought to pray that nothing worse G-d forbid is in store for us. We keep the faith in G-d. We get prepared for what some predict as “The Big One,” and we continue to do our best – every day.

Here’s to a  grrrrreat day –with not too much that shakes us up.

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