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Reflections on a Special Person

Posted on: August 18th, 2013 by bubbyjoysandoys 3 Comments

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These days, with the Internet, social media and other forms of news, there is no shortage of information coming at us. In fact, much of the news is bad and sad. After all, does happy news sell? Not quite.

The truth is that in the community where I live, several people I know have suffered terrible tragedies the past few weeks. One woman, Avigail Rechnitz, an extremely kind, sweet, benevolent, intelligent and beautiful person, has succumbed to cancer last week after a two year battle.

Avigail was a giver. She spearheaded the entire “Ladies Bikur Cholim” (Hebrew for visiting sick people) organization for the past five years. She led a large group of volunteers to bake, cook, drive, visit sick and lonely people in our community. She provided for all the needs of these people with the utmost care. And when she herself fell ill 2 years ago, she did not let on to anyone, but carried on with her mitzvos (good deeds) of visiting and caring for the sick, because as she said to her family, “I now really know what they need.”

Today, a group of friends and I will gather – in memory of Avigail Maima Rochel – bat Chaim Ahron — to discuss, bond and chat about how to make a difference in our families, communities and world at large. And mostly – how to make a difference in ourselves, and become better people. These wise women are carrying on Avigail’s legacy through this new organization called “Time.” I don’t know what will transpire there, but I look forward to joining them.

I flash back to many memories of Avigail over the past 4-5 years that I’ve gotten to know her. Her discretion and wisdom. Her modesty and humility. Her intuition and respect. And so much more.  To read more about Avigail, check out the following two articles: One  that appeared in the Yated Ne’eman August 14, about Avigail, as well as the article August 13 about Avigail in Hamodia Newspaper,

Avigail was a leader without being bossy or dogmatic. She got things done in a quiet but efficient way. Everything was thought out.

Just something to think about. Have a wonderful day, and may we hear only good news!!

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3 Responses

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