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A Tale of Two Trips – Part I of II

A few weeks ago I traveled to New York for a quick one day/one night trip. While there I visited my mom and my oldest son and daughter-in-law and kids, which was wonderful. But my main agenda on that short trip was to meet a new person who happened to be my son (#4)’s friend, whom he’d been dating  for a few months. They were getting serious and he wanted me to meet her. I was a little jittery, and also excited and hopeful. My son had dated for marriage for awhile and we were thrilled that he had found his match. Everything seemed to click. I could tell from his voice stamp and his tone that he was completely happy and content. All my feelings mixed together formed a big blob of nervousness.  Somehow that general nerve blob colored my travel experience and translated that experience into Bad Trip. In fact, when I arrived in NY and my sister picked me up from the airport the next morning, she noted that all I could talk about to her … Continue reading

“Nachas,” Grandchildren and Facebook

I’m a Nachas-ist. Yep. You read right. I’m addicted to “nachas.” Now, nachas – (pronounced nakh-es) according to the dictionary is Yiddish for joy or blessings,pride especially from one’s children and grandchildren. The truth is that there is no English word or phrase that captures the exact nuance of what nachas is. Not one of the words – joy, pride, blessed feeling – conveys the true meaning of what we know to be “nachas.” Nachas is so unique to the Jewish culture with the stereotypical grandmother/Bubby or Mom who kvells (there goes another non-translatable Yiddish word) about her progeny. So back to being a Nachassist, I believe that I spend most of my existence as a grandmother kvelling (loosely translated as inner boasting, bragging) about the little and not-so-little-anymore boys who were born from my children- otherwise known as grandsons. Cute ones. Adorable ones. Smart. Talented. Athletic. Perceptive. Kind. Oh and handsome and charming too. And did I mention that I am absolutely NOT prejudiced or … Continue reading

Best Momisms by Vikki Claflin (and a book bundle giveaway!)

My funny midlife boulevard friend, Vikki Claflin, author of  award winning blog, Laugh Lines, has guest posted here today, and is holding a book bundle party. Check out her link during the next week and enter to receive a book bundle giveaway. Vikki Claflin, author of Who Left the Cork Out of My Lunch, and I are co- sponsoring a fabulous new book giveaway called “The Big Booty Book Bundle Giveaway!” It’s FIVE books by talented female writers that will keep you laughing out loud. And it’s free! For details and to enter, click During the week of 2/22-2/26, my own book, Mazel Tov It’s a Bubby  will be featured together with a few other books chosen by Vikki, in the Big Booty Book Bundle Giveaway. Upon reading Vikki’s guest post below, I noticed that Vikki’s mom’s lessons were pretty similar to the lessons my own mom gave my sisters and me. The only difference is that I don’t always follow these rules. Oh well. And … Continue reading

Look Grandma, No Hands!

A few weeks ago my 5 1/4 year old grandson looked at me with his big, brown eyes and asked me in his soft, sweet voice, “Omi, remember a long time ago you told me you would buy me a 2-wheeler when I turned 5?” No, I didn’t remember but I could hear myself saying that when he turned three and learned to ride his brother’s bike. So, I told my grandson that if he’s a really good boy and his Mommy says it’s okay, we will go get him a new bike. I was actually impressed that he waited 3 months past his birthday to tell me that the purchase was past due. “Whew,” he said, apparently relieved that his request was being considered. It’s so much fun buying the kids things, but even more fun when they enjoy and relish the new toys. In this case, my grandson came over to me and gave me a big hug … Continue reading

Lessons Learned from Lost Items

These days I spend a lot of my time looking for things. I get into the car to go somewhere and pretty soon I’m running back to the house to look for my sunglasses. The other day I realized just as I was about to pull out of the driveway that my cell phone was not in my purse and we all know what that means. Calling the phone and then if I hear it – or worse, I don’t hear it because it’s turned off – I am frantically looking around for it. A few days ago, right before the bris of my newest grandson I realized I was missing my watch. Even though I remembered taking it off and putting it on my night table before going to sleep the night before, I couldn’t find it there or anywhere. Okay, my arm felt naked and it bothered me not to have my lovely watch, but I tried to let … Continue reading

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