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Real Lessons from “Grandmothering: Real Life in Real Families”

They say that nothing in life is a coincidence. Recently I received a seemingly random phone call from another writer, Becky Sarah, who happens to write about the topic of being a grandmother. Becky wrote a book (Whittier Street Press, Sept 2013), Grandmothering: Real Life in Real Families. My  encounter with Ms. Sarah seemed meant to be — the beginning of a new relationship (I love meeting new writers!), and new information for me to help me in my own life as a grandmother. As you all know (duh!) – grandmothering is my all-time favorite topic. Hence, this blog. Hence, my book. Hence, my facebook page,  passion of polishing my jobs as a mother-in-law, grandmother,  and mom of adult kids. And yet, when speaking to Becky I sensed that Becky’s book has so much to offer – so much more than anything I’ve seen or read in the past. Share PostTwitterFacebookGoogle +1Email

12 Defenses in Favor of Jury Duty

Several weeks ago, I had Jury Duty. Now, while many people try really hard to get out of their civil obligation to show up for jury duty when called, I did not. In fact, not only did I not try to get out of it –beyond the postponing of it several times until it was a week when it was not inconvenient — I actually was hoping secretly that I would be accepted by the court. I don’t have little kids at home, I have a job that allows me flexibility and time off for Jury Duty, and I’m a Middle-Ager who loves to do fun things. Of course, I didn’t tell anyone that. By “anyone” – I refer to my friends, relatives, work colleagues, acquaintances and all the people who I bragged to about jury duty. I followed the party line of jury duty goers before me, and bemoaned my obligation. “Oh well…I have jury duty. What a bummer!” Share PostTwitterFacebookGoogle +1Email

The OTHER Grandparents: Competition or Cooperation?

So many people write books on parenting. But very few have written books on grandparenting – or how to finesse our roles as grandparents . Everyone seems to think that when we become grandmothers, we just *know* what to do. Guess what: We do not. We need guidance, support – and perhaps a comprehensive book covering the themes that we experience. Becoming  a grandmother is not a science – it is an art. It is not always a natural transition. It can be filled with joy but also….challenges (and OYs!) Well, recently, I became acquainted with a woman, Becky Sarah, who has a wonderful website on Grandmothering, and has written a book on this topic which  is close to my heart – a book for grandmothers!  Her book,   Grandmothering: Real Life in Real Families  was released in September 2013 and is available on Amazon. According to the reviews, Becky’s book “is a unique book for grandmothers with in-depth look at … Continue reading

8 Things a Grandmother needs to get before hosting her children for the Holidays

As the holidays are approaching we are excited to have time together with our married children and our grandchildren.  Mothers-in-law and grandmothers can use this list for preparing for any extended family gathering for special occasions or holidays –including Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Sukkos…followed by  Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas and New Years – whatever Holiday you observe. The 8 Things a Grandmother Needs to get before hosting her children for the Holidays: 1. Get Baby-Friendly: This doesn’t mean you have to cover up sockets, or put child locks on the cabinets – although that would be a nice idea. Getting yourself into a child-friendly mindset includes: Share PostTwitterFacebookGoogle +1Email

Gift Giving Styles

Imagine coming home one day and finding a large set of furniture in your living room that you had no idea would be there? How would you feel? a) thrilled that you now have a room of furniture b) On the phone with a moving company to get it out in storage. c) a mixture of happy, angry, sad and confused. d) on the phone immediately with the well-meaning giver to request that it be exchanged. Okay, by a raise of  my readers’ virtual hands, how many of you grandmothers (mothers-in-law?) or grandchildren LOVE to get gifts? How many love to GIVE gifts? Everyone? Some of you? None of you? Share PostTwitterFacebookGoogle +1Email

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