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Mazel Tov! It’s another….DIL!

I have not been posting or writing for the past few weeks, because things got really busy and exciting in our household. And since it’s really hard for me to stay away from blogging, I’ve finally broken my abstinence to appear here on these pages and share with you the reason for the excitement in the Hendeles home. Our son became engaged! (did you figure it out from the headline??). Seriously, my husband and I now have another (#3 so far! – Thank G-d), daughter-in-law, or DIL as I’ve referred to these lovely girls who have joined our family the past six or seven years. This post is dedicated to my DIL’s – including the newest one, who put up with me in the following ways: 1. They put up with me, or more specifically, they put up with the fact that I write about my experiences as a MIL. True, they have no choice (sort of), and although I let … Continue reading

The Middle Holiday Syndrome

Recently, I read an article about how Chanukah has become “merchandised” and “Christmasized.” The blogger, Nina Badzin, describes Chanukah as a relatively to-the-point holiday where we eat potato pancakes and donuts, give presents, light the menorah, sing beautiful songs, and say some special prayers. In her article she expresses how she cherishes Chanukah. And she observes with some displeasure,  that these days, folks (mostly stores and businesses)  tend to over-sensationalize the holiday with extra decorations and fussy products,  as if to “compete” with Christmas. I agree with Nina. I don’t like competition.  I – as a Jewish person and as a women — like to be myself, do my own thing, what I know and believe to be correct, and do it all as best as I can. You see, I am a Middle Child. There’s my confession. Share PostTwitterFacebookGoogle +1Email

What Kind of Mother-in-law Are You?

So – you’re looking back at your life and thinking about some past relationships with daughters, sons, daughters-in-law, sons-in-law….mothers-in-law, moms, dads….sisters…. If only I did it differently….I wish I know then what I knew now…I could kick myself over some of the things I said or did. What was I thinking? Stop. Don’t do that to yourself. Don’t beat yourself up over the past, and chances are it wasn’t that bad. Read my Guest Post on today’s guest author section in MiddleSage website. Still – learn for the future. Are you doing your best to be NICE? Yes – I know they say that “nice guys finish last…” but still – when it comes to in-law pays to take the high road. Do you fit into any of the categories below? a) You love your DIL’s and SIL’s  (that’s daughters-in-law and sons -in-law FYI), but you’re not so sure if you are mean or nice. b) You just had … Continue reading

Less is More in Midlife and Beyond

The subject of giving advice is old and cliched. Nagging moms and moms-in-law are reminded to “keep their mouths shut and pockets open.” We’re told that the kids know what to do. They have to make their own mistakes. And if we know what is good for us and our relationships with our adult kids, we had better learn that lesson. Fast. Share PostTwitterFacebookGoogle +1Email

Ten Amazing Things I Learned While Babysitting for my Grandchildren

As many of you know, I love taking care of my grandchildren, for short or longer periods of time. An overnight at our home for our grandson when he asks or an outing to the ballgame or an afternoon spent hanging out at our home have become pretty regular events in our lives these days. So when our grandkids’ Mommy and Daddy were planning a vacation, my husband and I agreed to watch both their pre-school kids for….two whole days. That meant carpools, lunches, back-packs, homework, dinner, baths, outings, morning routine, night routine…the works. Share PostTwitterFacebookGoogle +1Email

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