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Going Out on a Limb and other Corny Cliches

When someone tells me that I’m really taking my broken foot situation in stride, I smile at the pun…and the compliment.  But when people are so bold as to go out on a limb in their writing, calling attention to  cliches by inserting quotation marks, I simply put my foot down. Aaargh! Not another corny joke! What bothers me about puns is the utter lack of originality. Someone coined a phrase for a common life phenomenon, and another person pulls that phrase out of their word bag, plugging it into his or her writing. Share PostTwitterFacebookGoogle +1Email

8 Ways I Broke Into My Diet Program After Breaking My Ankle

I’ve struggled with weight, and  battled sticking to any sort of food program – in particular  a Weight Watchers program.  So when I broke my leg, I had a feeling that any pounds I’d lost over the past weeks through hard work, would be quickly gained back. Broken Leg = Couch Potato? I was forced to bring my active life to a standstill.  As per doctor’s orders, I’ve been home for long stretches of time in bed with my right foot elevated. I haven’t  walked in shoes, nor have I driven a car for several months. Share PostTwitterFacebookGoogle +1Email

5 Unique Reasons I am Not Bored while Stuck at Home

It’s the first question everyone asks me, usually after I tell my story of how I broke my ankle. After I share that my doctor has forbidden me to get out of bed except to go to the restroom. How he has me lying with my foot elevated on several pillows to keep the swelling down. How I have not gone to work or stood on both feet, walked, or driven a car for six weeks. It’s the one thing friends, relatives and acquaintances want to know.  And they ask with utmost sincerity,  a worried look on their face, and extreme sympathy in their voice. They mean well and think their question will bring me comfort and validation. The question? Share PostTwitterFacebookGoogle +1Email

The Silver Lining

Back in the days when I was a child, breaking a leg meant one thing: You came to school with a white or pink plaster cast, and everyone signed it. You hobbled around in school with crutches and got plenty of attention. By the time you were ready to have the cast removed, your cast was no longer white or pink, but a combination of ink colored signatures. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?  Yeah, right. But wait. There’s more. Share PostTwitterFacebookGoogle +1Email

Break a Leg!

“Break a Leg.” It refers to what well-wishers  tell people in show business before a performance.  “Hey, break a leg,” is kind of a good luck message to actors, a group of people who tend to be quite superstitious! But in actuality, nobody ever asks for a broken leg, do they? Several months ago, I posted about my newly engaged couple.  I explained at the time that I would be blogging less than usual due to the busy schedule of preparing a wedding while working full time as a music therapist. My writing passion would have to take a back seat. No Such thing as Vacation from Writing: But as writers know, we never do turn around and throw our writing passions to the back seat. Instead, we keep a back seat slot in our mind,  and every time something big or interesting happens, we jot them down or file them away in  our brain for future writing or blogging … Continue reading

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