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“Imagine If…” – A Children’s Book Review

Way back  when Theodore Seuss Geisel wrote a zany                 rhyming book for children, I wonder if he realized that he’d be so successful with the series that future  authors would attempt to imitate him. I mean, imagine imitating green eggs and ham. Or a cat in a hat. Or a fox in socks.  It’s kind of ridiculous, wouldn’t you say? Still,  for  years, wannabe Dr. Seusses congregated in coffee houses, libraries and living rooms trying to mimic the flavor of the venerable Dr. Seuss. Share PostTwitterFacebookGoogle +1Email

Graduations, Grandparents, and Gratitude

Today I attended an important graduation. It wasn’t my own graduation. I haven’t had any of those lately, even though several years ago, I graduated from being a mom of growing children. Today, I attended my grandson’s kindergarten ceremony.  And it was most exciting because my husband and I enjoy watching our grandsons’ milestones. You see, my youngest son, who is 20 and his brother above him are studying out of town. With the rest of our sons married, my husband and I have got the empty nest, and we are grateful. Share PostTwitterFacebookGoogle +1Email

The Road to Great MIL-hood Begins in the Cradle

Recently, I have become acquainted with Beily Paluch, another mom of many boys. Beily wrote a book about — you guessed it — being a mom of boys. As a mom of boys, I relate to this topic, and so, I have had the pleasure of writing a guest post for Beily’s blog. You can find that post which talks about how becoming an awesome mother-in-law, begins in the cradle. What? In the cradle? Find out about that  right here. Enjoy! (and don’t forget to leave a comment over there on Beily’s blog!). Share PostTwitterFacebookGoogle +1Email

18 Ways to Bring Cheer to a Homebound Mom or Grandma

It’s a common dilemma. Your friend, acquaintance, relative, or neighbor is laid up in bed, due to a sickness or some other disability. You feel badly for them, and you want to help out in some way. But you just don’t know what to do. You’re afraid to impose, and be in the way. You’re afraid of saying or doing the wrong thing. But still, you want to show that you care, that you are thinking about the person. You would love a great idea to pop into your head,  something  that would make your friend happy. Something small – not too big or fancy. Something that just hits the mark, that brings good energy, and boosts the person’s mood and morale. Something that fits his or her personality and is not too complicated for you to carry out in a timely manner. Share PostTwitterFacebookGoogle +1Email

30 Ideas for Bored Bubbies (Grandmothers)

The Case of the Bored Child goes like this: The child has a day off from school, and flops around while whining, “Mommy, I’m soooo bored! What should I do?” To which the mom calmly points to the Bored Check List that is posted on the fridge door. The boldly typed fridge list has 30 ideas faster than a child can utter,  “I’m bored.”  And the kid gets the unspoken message – loud and clear from mom: Listen, it’s time for you to figure it out and find a way to entertain yourself. Okay, so that’s what’s done when kids are bored stiff.  But, what about when grandmothers are literally bored out of their minds? How do they occupy their time? Share PostTwitterFacebookGoogle +1Email

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