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Writers Wondering About Writers

A few weeks ago, writer Kristen M. Ploetz wrote an article called “Nine Questions I Wonder About Writers,” where she invited other writers to answer some questions about their own writing.    Some of my blogging friends, Nina Badzin, Rivki Silver, and Rebecca Klempner  followed through on their respective blogs with extremely insightful answers to Kristen’s questions. I read and enjoyed  their ideas, and commented on their blogs. I briefly thought about following suit on my own blog, but wasn’t sure whether I had enough material in my conscious mind to respond coherently to many of the questions. Anyway, today I decided to stop overthinking, and to formulate Kristen’s answers on screen, thereby sharing my process with you. Here are Kristen Ploetz’s questions in bold, followed by my answers: 1. Do you share your work with your partner or spouse? Does it matter if it’s been published yet? Yes, I often share my work with my husband, usually before I submit to online or print magazines.  I print out hard-copies of the drafts and he goes … Continue reading

Eight Personal Miracles of 2014

I’ve been invited by the very creative writer Renee Schuls-Jacobson to post today, on the 2nd day/3rd candle of Hanukkah. Renee was given my name by Rivki Silver, another amazing blogger.  (Thanks, Rivki!) Anyway, this special activity where a bunch of bloggers (eight to be exact!) are each posting on a different day is called Hanukkah Hooplah! And…in honor of Hanukkah Hooplah, I have a really important announcement to make: I, Miriam, mother/grandmother/MIL blogger, am  taking  a BREAK  from blogging about my BREAK.  You know? My ankle break? Yeah. That one. So? What does non-blogging about something have to do with Chanukah? Bear with me as I explain:  Chanukah  commemorates miracles that happened to the Jewish people. Right? And  my ankle healing story (which began back in February)  would have been a really cool miracle for me to write about here. Kind of like my own personal miracle, right? The problem is that I’ve  blogged  enough about the break of my ankle and  its ramifications. I’ve written about my convalescence and recovery here; my seeing … Continue reading

What I Needed to Learn, I Learned in Kindergarten

I was invited to a  Shabbos party at my pre-school grandson’s school, where he was chosen to be  the Shabbos Abba.  On Friday morning, I dropped everything and drove over to his classroom, met my DIL there and we observed my grandson  having this special party with his friends — with grape-juice, challah and other goodies. It was at this party that I realized something about myself that I hadn’t known before. Something that made me feel more grown up than I’ve felt in years. More mature, evolved and settled. I may have thought about it briefly over the past years, but hadn’t articulated it clearly in my mind.  Maybe I was in denial. Maybe I was too embarrassed to admit it. Maybe I never even thought too much about it. What was this feeling? BEEN THERE, DONE THAT….DONE! Whew. There. I admitted it:  Having the sensation that it is okay to have done the Mommy thing years ago, and moved on. As I viewed  the classroom with … Continue reading

41 Questions Never to Ask a DIL


  Awhile back I composed a PDF of 10 things MIL’s are doing that drive their DIL’s crazy. People who subscribed to my MIL site downloaded that list for tips on how to relate to their daughters-in-law. That list covered things MIL’s do, as in behaviors, comments,  and so forth. Recently, I’ve noted that there are people who interact through asking questions. They may consider questions as  harmless, or as a sign that they are being interested and supportive. Or – they may want to camouflage their criticism or judgment by framing it into a question. After all, they’re just asking, right? Well, that’s downright sneaky and wrong. You see, when relating to a DIL questions are  rude and intrusive. And when it comes to mothers-in-law vis-a-vis DIL’s you do NOT want to be intrusive or even inquisitive. In fact, questions that MIL’s ask have no right answer. And the DIL knows it. Whatever answer she gives is already wrong. She’s being put on the spot, … Continue reading

It Takes a Village – Endless Kindness


Last week my husband sponsored  a kiddush reception for all our friends and relatives at our synagogue on Shabbos. The reception was a come and go type of event and the purpose was to give thanks to everyone  – our entire community, friends, relatives and acquaintance –for their help to our family and especially me during my recuperation from several foot surgeries the past 9 months. Now that I’m doing much better and walking, we wanted to give public thanks to Hashem as well. Many friends showed up and it felt good to have a tangible way for closure to an period in our lives that was challenging. During those months, I lost the ability to walk and get around. But I also discovered a lot of love and kindness around me. One of the things my husband said during his short two-minute blurb or speech was that people came through for me in our community in amazing ways. And “just when Miriam … Continue reading

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