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One of my favorite topics that I’ve blogged about is the sandwich generation. I am blessed to have my mother and mother-in-law in my life as well as my children and grandchildren. That’s four generations right there. I constantly vacillate between being a daughter/daughter-in-law to my mom/mom-in-law and a mom/mom-in-law to my own children. And so it goes. Today we have a guest poster, Fay Wein, from Senior Planning Services, who comes with loads of knowledge on the topic of sandwich generations, caregiving and elderly parents. I welcome you to read Fay’s article below and feel free to comment below the post. Sandwich Generation Vexations Introduction: There is almost nothing as stressful as caring for elderly parents while at the same time raising your own children. Being pulled in all different direction daily can get anyone frazzled. At the same time, the altruism and strong multi-generational relationships fostered cannot be understated. This topic is multi-faceted and we’d like to touch on some … Continue reading

A Special Day with a Friend

When fellow bloggie-friend and  commiserating grandmother, Lisa Winkler   contacted me a few weeks ago that she was coming to Los Angeles with her husband, I was thrilled.  She and I decided to fit some time in for each other. We exchanged a few emails back and forth – from what to pack (warm clothes? raincoat? layers?) to where we would meet (her hotel!) and what we should do (“whatever you want” – we each said!). I’ve lived in LA for several decades,  almost my entire adult life. I love it here, and have many dear friends and family. But there is something special about getting together with  friends from the (freezing cold) East Coast. First, I get to show off LA’s weather! Listen, we may have earthquakes here, but nothing beats our 70’s climate in January.  Second, I get to spend some time taking friends and family around, something I love to do. Being with people from the East Coast reminds me of my family, who I … Continue reading

Remodeling Mania

When we made the decision to renovate our kitchen a few months ago, it was a long time coming. I had fantasized for years about having a brand new kitchen with shiny appliances, fancy wood design and smooth granite countertops. Recalling the many magazines I had perused over the years, I knew it was going to be fun, even with the budget we had in mind. As we said good-bye to our old kitchen which over time had developed the “distressed” look, we looked forward to newer, pretty ones… Soon came the mess of the demolition.    But we were overall kind of  relaxed. Then came the decisions. I recall telling the contractor, “I’m not picky. You lead the way, show me a few choices and I’ll tell you what I like.” I never thought I’d be the type to fuss over paint color or wood design. At the end of the day,  I knew what I liked, what I didn’t liked, and I would make … Continue reading

A Glimpse Into Another World (A Guest Post)

It’s almost January 1, 2014 2015. On to a new year. First, I announce the winner of my giveaway from the commenters on my blog post on the Hanukkah Hoopla. The winner is: Lisa W from Cycling Grandma! I will send her a copy of my book, Mazel Tov! It’s a Bubby! (Israel Bookshop Publications, 2012).  Here’s Lisa’s blog, if you have a chance to get a look! . (Thanks again, Renee Schuls-Jacobson, for planning the Hanukkah Hoopla!) Next, I’d like to introduce Revital Belz from Israel, who blogs about being a Mom of five boys (sound familiar?). Revital has been published in the Jewish Journal, and blogs at, where she enjoys creating stylish items for men, including personalized yarumulkas and T-shirts. Enjoy Revital’s special simchas hachayim (Hebrew for joie de vivre) that comes through in her writing. Please feel free to comment below. Revital and I would love to read your thoughts! ***************************** A GLIMPSE INTO ANOTHER WORLD by Revital Belz I introduce myself as Revital, a mother … Continue reading

Confessions of a Weight Watcher Rejoiner

I’ve gained a lot of weight lately, so several weeks ago, I  rejoined Weight Watchers. I haven’t been a member for awhile, and I feel the need to get the structure and discipline of a healthy and sensible program back.  As I enter the large and airy room, I am immediately at home. I recognize the faces of the staff from when I stood on one of those lines waiting to get weighed back in the old days. Then, I look around. First, I see green chairs; they used to be hot pink. Oh no. I depend on that hot pink to be the one consistent thing in my life during weight loss. But now they are a distinct green. An apple green.  My environment is different from what I expected. I’m feeling edgy. Next, I notice the myriad signs all over the room. Diagrams, pie charts, motivating slogans.  Very nice, but it kind of feels like school. So much to learn. I tell myself to relax. I’m taken out of my dreaminess when … Continue reading

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