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Light-filled Days

Posted on: December 9th, 2012 by bubbyjoysandoys

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I love Chanukah for many reasons. None of them have to do with the parties and presents and festivities. Nor do the reasons I enjoy Chanukah have anything to do with vacation from work and/or school. Actually, I enjoy Chanukah because of the contrast between the dark nights in the winter and the light-filled windows.

To me the idea of conquering darkness with flickers of light is so meaningful. We celebrate Chanukah because of the defeat of the Greeks by the hands of the Hasmoneans, a smaller and supposedly weaker army. Might is not measured in strength but in perseverance and in the will of G-d. We are not in control.

Chanukah brings back memories of our family gathering, each one of us lighting the menorah – my four sisters and I, along with my brothers and my father. My mom would take lots of pictures, we would sing songs, and then everyone would sit down to eat latkes, and a full meal. Afterward, we would play dreidel, and also cards which we called “kvitlach” – a game that we played once a year – on Chanukah only.   Chanukah meant good times and family time. Light and fun.

I believe that the menorah – the receptacle of  light, the hope and the effort to bring about that light along with the assistance and control of our G-d, is what sustains us in the darkness.

Today, our family continued that tradition as my husband and I spent the day — the first day of Chanukah -with our grandsons on an outing. After that, we came home, lit the candles and got ready to play some games. My grandsons are ready for bed, but the light-filled mood is in the air, and even though they may be in pajamas back in their own home, I feel the light and the hope – even as I type these words.

Happy light-filled days, during Chanukah and beyond.

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