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It’s All About Networking

Posted on: May 29th, 2013 by bubbyjoysandoys 1 Comment

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Networking. Relationships. Social Media.

Carol Tice of the "Freelance  Writers' Den"

Carol Tice of the “Freelance Writers’ Den”

That’s what it is all about these days – when it comes to learning and growing in our personal and professional lives.

Recently, I realized the power of networking when I was invited byCarol Tice of  the Freelance Writer’s Den to come meet her at a local coffee shop in Los Angeles. Carol lives in Seattle and was going to be in LA for the weekend and  asked all her LA subscribers to join her at the Starbucks to talk shop.

Her goal? To get us to share with her our biggest writing challenges in the Den.

To get us to suggest ways that she can improve the Den.

To chat and get to know each other.

As it turned out, about 10 people showed up, and we had a pretty nice time just asking questions and getting them answered in person.

Carol does this every day in her Freelance Writers’ Den, which for a nominal monthly fee of $25, one has access to myriad classes, boot-camps, recordings, job postings, and the constant stream of forum questions and answers. Carol offers tons of information to anyone who wants to get more jobs (“gigs” as she calls them!) in freelance writing.

Since I’ve been in the Den (2 months so far), I have learned so much, and already have received several offers for writing gigs. Mostly, Carol helps writers develop their confidence, learn how to write pitches, queries and letters of introduction to potential clients, and so much more.

And as I said, it’s all about networking – meeting people at coffee shops, online, in the grocery store or at the bookstore. You just never know where you will make that impression.

Networking is about helping others and getting help. We all have what to offer to others; learning what we can offer and how to present that to prospective clients is what this is all about.

Check out the Den and Carol’s Journalism Course. (Note: Sometimes the Den is closed and Carol has a waiting list; however, spaces open rather quickly so put your name on the wait list and she will let you know when there is space.)

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One Response

  1. beccakinla says:

    Isn’t it cool to meet role models in person! 😉

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