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Eight Personal Miracles of 2014

Posted on: December 18th, 2014 by bubbyjoysandoys 26 Comments

Enjoyed this? Share it, and attribute it. Copyright 2014, Bubby Joys and Oys, M. Hendeles

I’ve been invited by the very creative writer Renee Schuls-Jacobson to post today, on the 2nd day/3rd candle of Hanukkah. Renee was given my name by Rivki Silver, another amazing blogger.  (Thanks, Rivki!) Anyway, this special activity where a bunch of bloggers (eight to be exact!) are each posting on a different day is called Hanukkah Hooplah!

And…in honor of Hanukkah Hooplah, I have a really important announcement to make:

I, Miriam, mother/grandmother/MIL blogger, am  taking  a BREAK  from blogging about my BREAK.  You know? My ankle break? Yeah. That one.

So? What does non-blogging about something have to do with Chanukah?

Bear with me as I explain:  Chanukah  commemorates miracles that happened to the Jewish people. Right? And  my ankle healing story (which began back in February)  would have been a really cool miracle for me to write about here. Kind of like my own personal miracle, right?

Good things a-coming


The problem is that I’ve  blogged  enough about the break of my ankle and  its ramifications. I’ve written about my convalescence and recovery here; my seeing the bright side  here and my gratitude for kindness and G-d’s miracles here.

I’ve written stuff here. And here. As they say in Hebrew: Maspik. Enough. Finished.

Not that anyone’s complained about my constant talking and writing and blogging about my ankle. No. People are very nice  and they listen to me. Still, Chanukah is my time to realize  that it’s not all about me about my  foot.  That miracles are really all around us at all times. And we don’t only have to break a leg – and then get better – to see them.

Just because my broken foot, in all its glory of swelling and redness and painfulness led me to see the light in a dark situation,  doesn’t mean I have to blag (that’s blab and blog) about my foot all the time.

Just because   as a result my foot healing,  I am a more grateful woman and just because I’m now  thrilled with little things like for example, uh…walking with two feet, and having almost no pain or stiffness anymore in my ankle, doesn’t mean I have to blag on and on about said foot and its healing.

So just to reiterate:  I’m NOT talking about my foot anymore. Got that? Good.

exclamation-mark-white-13658752462hm1NOT talking about foot!!

Okay! So, today, in this post I’m talking only about 8 other miracles of going from dark times to light times  in my life.

Because Chanukah is celebrating the light in the dark. The one small bit of oil that miraculously lasted for 8 days, and created so much light.

My miracles were the kind  that while they were  going on, I didn’t realize anything significant was happening. But  when I looked back weeks or months later, I thought “hey, I can’t believe the good that came out of that event  – what a miracle.”  I bet some of you can relate.  Over time, things have evolved in your life that represent a  remarkable change from dark to light.

Gradually evolved good stuff that makes us all happy and surprised  at one time.

slide-3Happy and Surprised!

Many of the Eight miracles below have occurred gradually. Knowing they have happened helps me see the light in the darkness with newer challenges that come my way.

Here they are (not in any particular order.)

Good-bye to my annoying mother-in-law behaviors. Some time after I broke my ankle was injured last February, which happened to be around the time that one of our sons got married, someone asked me about my new daughter-in-law. My response was “What? Who?” I seriously forgot that my son had gotten married. I was so absorbed in my pain and frustration of the broken ankle situation, that I forgot to be a mother-in-law! To me, this was a huge miracle that evolved over time. Hello! Who FORGETS to be a nagging mother-in-law? And my darling son and DIL (all three of them) got benefits  from my injury in that I left them alone for all those months. How cool (for those newlyweds)  is that?

milhoodladies2Boy, she looks like a mean mother-in-law, doesn’t she?

I got to keep my job.  When I did not work (because of my injury, I mean situation) at the hospice agency where I’d provided music therapy for clients for the past 7 years,  I worried I would not be able to work anymore. Thankfully, I returned to work, and the position was still available after so many months.

Son cured from  illness.  One of our married sons had headaches (which actually began last Chanukah 2013).  When they  didn’t subside, he went to the doctor for CT scans, which were negative. Then one day, he felt other strange symptoms. He checked into the hospital where they took more tests and after several brain scans and spinal MRI’s, he was diagnosed with an auto-immune illness (the antibodies created to kill the headache virus, attacked his spine), affecting certain functions.  But now after many months he is miraculously out of the woods, and has very slowly swung back to his regular self,  to the joy of his wife and children, and all of us. Thank G-d!

Layoff had happy ending. Early this year,  my husband’s software company laid off all employees. While this was a big shock, it turned out to be for the better, because after almost 2 months of looking for a job, my husband got a better job with better conditions. Looking back, we realize now that  his losing the first job led to a miracle of a much better job. (And…as an added benefit while I was in bed because of The Miracle that Shall Not Be Named, he was around to help me while he was temporarily laid off!)

Attended my father’s funeral (yes, that attendance was a on).  My father recently passed away at the age of  88.  Sadly, I was not able to visit him during the final 9 months of his illness because I was not allowed to fly (from California where I live, to New York)- due to my situation. But,  when we got the call after the Shabbos that followed Rosh Hashanah this year that my dear father had passed away , I was already weight-bearing (medicalese for standing and moving on my feet). And so, I was able to attend my father’s funeral the next day in NY. A pure miracle, considering the fact that I had been immobile my situation.

No more sweating the small stuff.   I find that I don’t sweat the small stuff as much as I used to. Unfortunately, it took having several serious hardships  for me to get my priorities straight.

Grandma and kids on wheels

Medical scare with happy ending thank G-d – I found a lump about a year ago and to say I was terrified would be an understatement. It was over a Holiday weekend and I couldn’t reach my gynecologist. By the time I went to his office on the Monday, I was in tears. Hysterical. Thinking the worst. My doctor (who knows me for many years, having delivered almost all of my children), calmed me down, sent me for a biopsy. Diagnosis: Infection. Miracle of miracles. Antibiotics for 5 days and I was good as new.

New baby grandson.  Several weeks ago, our son  and daughter-in-law had a new baby.  Mazel Tov. Thank G-d.

Gentle now...k?

So there you have it: The 8 personal miracles that my family and I have  experienced as gifts from G-d. Sometimes it takes having all kinds of tzoros for us to really appreciate stuff.

And to think that I wrote this entire post without  mentioning my broken ankle even one time! Wow.  What a miracle.

Ummm.  Almost. Sort of…

 My question to you: What ONE miracle of a really dark situation that turned to light has occurred to you this past year?  Write a comment below describing a DARK to LIGHT situation in your life. The winner will receive a GIVEAWAY of my book mailed to them. All residents of the U.S. are eligible.

To win a copy of my book  please leave an AWESOME comment below sharing a  miracle  that you experienced  in the past year.

Mazel Tov! It’s a Bubby! The Joys and Oys of Being a Mother, Mother-in-law, and Grandmother   makes a great Hanukkah gift!

HAPPY CHANUKAH  TO ALL and may all your challenges be miraculously overcome! Leave a comment below, telling about one of them!

And oh! Click on this  Hanukkah Hooplah menorah right here– go ahead. Click on it to  get to the other 7 blogger gals’ posts about Chanukah too.

I’m participating in a #HanukkahHoopla with 7 other Jewish bloggers. In the spirit of the season, we’re giving 8 gifts to 8 fabulous commenters. Click on  Hanukkah Hoopla menorah above to be magically transported to the schedule where you’ll find links to visit other fabulous writers and increase your chances of winning holiday cyber-swag!

 Photo Credits: Exclamation point graphic-  #Hanukkahhoopla Graphic: Renee A. Schuls-Jacobson.  All other photos property of Miriam Hendeles.

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26 Responses

  1. Ilene says:

    I love Chanukah so much because at the darkest time of the year when we are at our lowest energy and the literal light in our days is at its least, He comes to us without our having to ask. On the last day of Chanukah three years ago after a long and difficult journey I found out I was finally pregnant. No miracle is greater- or smaller- than that. Happy Chanukah!!!

    • Ilene, I love that metaphor of the low energy being like darkness in our lives. And of course the literal dark does contribute to that feeling. How blessed we are to have Chanukah at this time… And wow – the great miracle of your new baby! Congrats!! Mazel Tov!

  2. Lisa says:

    Wonderful miracles! I haven’t made a list- of course would include the birth of 2 grandchildren in 2014, the production of my play, my husband getting a new position in the same company, the time available to spend with my aging parents, the visits with my daughter in CA, and health! Happy Chanukah!

  3. […] Miriam of Bubby’s Joys and Oys broke her ankle, and found herself writing about it a lot. Today, Miriam takes a break from recounting her own pain and frustration to look outward in her piece  “Eight Personal Miracles of 2014.“ […]

  4. You and I have been traveling the same path this year. Isn’t G-d amazing? I’m so glad that everyone is in a better place right now! Like you, I no longer sweat the small stuff, which is a miracle in and of itself because I used to get hyper about everything. Now? Handprints on the couch? It meant children were here. Cat hair on my sweater? It means I got to cuddle with the kitty. I could go on. I guess I’m a reformed perfectionist. Thank you for sharing your post with my readers and the world. Chag Sameach!

    • Yes, we do have a lot in common that way, Renee – the same path of realizing G-d’s blessings. Thanks for all those terrific examples of not sweating the small stuff. I can’t read enough of those reminders. I remember when one of my grandkids scribbled on the wall in our den. (I never had a chance to paint it over yet – which is a good reminder). Chag sameach to you! And thanks for including me in this fun hoopla!

  5. Rivki Silver says:

    Love this post! You are hilarious. And what a year of miracles for you and your family! So glad they all turned out so well, B”H.

    For us, I think that the loss of my sister-in-law was the darkest, but it actually is leading to all of my husband’s family relocating to the same city.

    • Glad you got a good laugh, Rivki! Ya, it’s been a roller coaster…but thank G-d we’re doing well here.

      I’m sad for your family about the loss of your dear SIL. Happy that you can look forward to great times together with all the cousins in the new city!

  6. Dodi says:

    It’s my first time reading your blog; it’s a wonderful discovery. (Thanks, Rivki Silver.) My youngest daughter got engaged in Yerushalayim right around the same time my oldest son’s wife had a baby girl. And it was right before Purim. It was SO FUN to be in Yerushalyim then! I’m really grateful I was able to be there. The memory of that week is keeping me warm all winter.

    • I love when simcha’s overlap! That must have been so exciting with the new baby and the engagement at one time! Mazel tov and may you have many more happy occasions. I’m so glad we met through this blog, Dodi! Thanks!

  7. This is fabulous! Wonderful blessings for you and yours. Your son’s auto-immune issue sounds like my MS. Thankfully he’s recovered! The most precious of all these, I think, is, of course, your newest grandbaby. Adorable.

    A new grandbaby is MY favorite and most wonderful blessing of this past year. His birth was THE bright spot in what has been one of my darkest years yet. We all look forward to 2015!

    • Thanks for the blessings, Lisa. Congrats on your grandson’s birth. Also an addition to 2 older brothers, so cute! Here’s wishing you a wonderful and healthy year in 2015! (P.S. his symptoms resembled MS, but it was a different diagnosis in the end.). I’m so happy to be in the same grandmother club as you, Lisa!

  8. Becca K. says:

    Your post made me laugh so hard. And, boy, I had no idea half of that drama was going on! Sheesh!

    Ummm…now a darkness to light item to share.

    Stories I submitted got rejected, but then were picked up elsewhere, by bigger publications with more readers? I’m sure there’s better ones, but that’s the first thing that comes to mind.

  9. Joan Schuls says:

    I am so happy To say I enjoyed reading your blog. I love reading how you wrote about blessings. Happy holidays.

  10. Nina says:

    Such a good attitude! Happy Hanukkah! And I’m so sorry to hear about your father. Thank G-d you were able to attend the funeral.

  11. Holly says:

    I need to take your advice and see the light at the end of a dark tunnel, after a hard year full of ups and downs. Thanks for the encouragement and happy Hanukkah!

  12. Sarah says:

    My miracle this past year was the birth of my son. He was born almost a year to the day after we lost a pregnancy.

  13. Chana Sara says:

    My job seemed to not understand that when I said I needed the night off because of a test the next day that I couldn’t be scheduled. Because of this, I had to go temporary at my job because it was too much with school and being a single parent. Baruch Hashem, I was able to go to a learning program over the summer where they paid me to learn, be a part of a summer camp for my department at the university where I was paid well, in addition, I got a lot of scholarship this year and am making more not working, or barely working, than I did while working. Extra bonus: I get to spend more time with my daughter! And less time crying. Yes!! Great article, thanks for making me take time out of my day to think about my personal miracles.

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