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Correct and Consistent

Posted on: August 19th, 2012 by bubbyjoysandoys

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I struggle with consistency. No, I’m not talking about the consistency of the texture in a baked cake or potato kugel. Nor am I talking about the consistency of the mayonnaise as it is mashed inside tuna fish. (although I have trouble getting my tuna so perfectly mashed —and one of my daughters-in-law is  by contrast amazing at making very consistently mashed tuna fish sandwiches!)

But again, I digress!

The kind of consistency that I have trouble with, has more to do with my commitments to myself regarding habits and goals.

What in the world am I talking about? (you ask).

Here’s the thing: I decide to stick to my food plan for my goal of losing 20 pounds. I follow the plan on Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3. Then on Day 4 I go off the plan. On Day 5, I’m back on (sort of). Then on Day 6 I’m off ever so slightly. On Day 7, I’ve totally abandoned the plan, and then I wonder why I have not lost even 2 of those 20 pounds.

Another example: I decide that I’m going to refrain from talking or listening to gossip. It’s not a good thing – for me or for others. I evaluate myself each day and I am pleased at my progress for the first day. But already the 2nd day, I have not quite adhered to my commitment.

The trick in any path to personal growth is to remain consistent. Now, that doesn’t mean that one cannot make a goof here or there. After all, we are human. But still, the new habits need to be kept in place more or less day after day after day. We can’t waver, if we want to see results.

I know I have areas in my life where I am extremely consistent, thank G-d. For example, I enjoy writing, and somehow I find the time to write several times per week on this blog and elsewhere. The operative word here is that I enjoy it. We tend to gravitate toward work that we enjoy.

But alas…. everything in life is not full of pleasure and enjoyment. Some things come with a bit more work, and we still have to try to do those actions….consistently. (Not flakily!)

And the hope and prayer is that when we walk the walk, make the effort to follow the steps consistently, G-d will grant us the improved skill, enjoyment, and willingness to go on and be even more consistent. Eventually we will reach our goals.

There is an expression in Hebrew (translated as): One who extends the effort, G-d helps him along.

And in English – Success breeds success. Practice makes perfect

I’m sure we can all think of more expressions and idioms to match these themes. But before I get carried away with consistently writing more on this blog today, I will move along and accomplish my to-do list that must get done.

And for today- I will follow my food, exercise and guard-my-tongue plan.

And then remain consistent. A correct way to be, for me.

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