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Real Lessons from “Grandmothering: Real Life in Real Families”

They say that nothing in life is a coincidence. Recently I received a seemingly random phone call from another writer, Becky Sarah, who happens to write about the topic of being a grandmother. Becky wrote a book (Whittier Street Press, Sept 2013), Grandmothering: Real Life in Real Families.

My  encounter with Ms. Sarah seemed meant to be — the beginning of a new relationship (I love meeting new writers!), and new information for me to help me in my own life as a grandmother.

As you all know (duh!) – grandmothering is my all-time favorite topic. Hence, this blog. Hence, my book. Hence, my facebook page,  passion of polishing my jobs as a mother-in-law, grandmother,  and mom of adult kids.

And yet, when speaking to Becky I sensed that Becky’s book has so much to offer – so much more than anything I’ve seen or read in the past. Continue reading

The OTHER Grandparents: Competition or Cooperation?

So many people write books on parenting. But very few have written books on grandparenting – or how to finesse our roles as grandparents .

Everyone seems to think that when we become grandmothers, we just *know* what to do.

Guess what: We do not. We need guidance, support – and perhaps a comprehensive book covering the themes that we experience. Becoming  a grandmother is not a science – it is an art. It is not always a natural transition. It can be filled with joy but also….challenges (and OYs!)

Well, recently, I became acquainted with a woman, Becky Sarah, who has a wonderful website on Grandmothering, and has written a book on this topic which  is close to my heart – a book for grandmothers!  Her book,   Grandmothering: Real Life in Real Families  was released in September 2013 and is available on Amazon.

According to the reviews, Becky’s book “is a unique book for grandmothers with in-depth look at the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of grandmothers today, based on more than 80 interviews….” Continue reading

More Writing Buddies

As my final post for now on Writing Buddies, I would like to feature three more writing friends.  After that, I will go back to my regular Grandmother and related topics. I will return to writing buddies and book reviews at a later date.

1. Leah (Sherri) Henkin, of Growing the Write Way, is an expert in technical writing. Leah joined our group later in the game, but has quickly become an asset to our group with her helpful feedback and organized mind. Leah sees the good and beauty in all of God’s creations and is a model in building character traits. Leah has a personal relationship with many noted authors including Perel Grossman, the author of Adventures in the Produce Aisleand S. Bulman who authored two books: Tea with the Rebbetzin and Another Cup of Tea with the….  All of these books have elements of grandmothers kvelling about their grandchildren, a theme that many grandmothers can relate to!

Continue reading

Candles in My Window: A Book Review

Many of us write non-fiction or short story fiction works. Yet, it takes a special skill to write a full length novel. My friend, Beth Firestone wrote Candles in My Window, a wonderful young adult novel about a teenage girl’s experience deepening her religious and spiritual awareness and observance. It is a story about adolescent friendships, conflict and growth. Adults and teenagers each will enjoy reading this exciting story.candles Continue reading

VWB: – Klempner Kids’ Mom

Today – as part of describing my Virtual Writing Buddies,  I share about my writing buddy, Rebecca Klempner.

Book for Shavuos Holiday

Book for Shavuos Holiday

In 2010, when I held the first writing group in my home, I had no idea that it would take off and still be running monthly today, three years later almost to the date. Another friend  and I pulled together a group of about five writers, among them one woman, Rebecca, mother of four, blogger and  author of A Dozen Daisies for Raizy, who was not only young enough to be my daughter, but was brilliant enough to be my….well not sure how to finish that sentence, but you get the idea.

The book she had written is a picture book for kids and is perfect for this time of year especially when the Jewish people celebrate the Holiday of Shavuos (mid-May this year). Continue reading

In Honor of Blogversary: Virtual Writing Buddies

My anniversary is coming up in a month.  In June of 2012, I began this grandmother blog.

So that will be my blogging anniversary. I’ve been thinking how to celebrate this milestone.  I’ve decided to dedicate the next several posts to the many friends I have made in the writing community.  Writing Groups

In the pre-blogging or pre-writing days, I had friends from PTA, synagogue, carpool, vacations, and childhood times. Nowadays, I have an extra category of friendships: my virtual writing friends. These are people who I got to know only through our mutual love of writing. I have met these people either online through a “group of writers” who correspond, or through a forum on a website of writers, or through an in-person writing group that evolved into an email relationship. Continue reading

“The Storyteller:” A Book Review

Today, April 8, 2013, is Yom Hashoah, or Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Today is the day that commemorates the murder two-sides-every-storyof millions of people during the Holocaust. Between 1938 through 1945. 6 million Jews were murdered and millions of other groups such as gypsies, Poles etc.

This was a horrific time and will never ever be forgotten. Recently, a popular novelist, Jodi Picoult took on this subject and wrote a novel “The Storyteller” which was released in February. I read this book last week and I have mixed feelings.

Although I love Jodi’s writing, her imagery, her extensive and accurate research and her heavy topics that she chooses (such as autism, school shootings, end-of-life care, teenage suicide…and the list goes on…), I found that some parts of this book were excellent and others were mediocre. Continue reading

Paying it Forward

I’ve been feeling very fortunate lately for a variety of reasons. Maybe the word is blessed. Not that everything in my life is rosy. There is definitely room for lots of improvement.  What I’m referring to is a certain sense of calm and peace of mind and acceptance that I don’t think I had when I was younger. Continue reading

The Aftershocks of Criticism

It happened yesterday. I thought I could push it off for at least another few months. But alas, the inevitable occurred. Deep down I knew it was bound to happen, but I was in denial and I was enjoying the honeymoon. And when it — the inevitable –happened, it hit me between the eyes. I felt the sting for about a minute. Then the pain , having reached its peak, began to subside. After several minutes of deep breathing, I was fine. Yes, I survived and yes, I am here to tell the story. Continue reading

Animals Aboard

Fresh off the press!

Israel Bookshop Publications ( has just come out with a brand new book – of interest to all ages.

Check it out at the Israel book shop blog: Click on the link below — and read about this new release. I’m going to get it next week; that is for sure!

JUST RELEASED! – Exploring the Wild World of Animals

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