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Candles in My Window: A Book Review

Posted on: May 9th, 2013 by bubbyjoysandoys

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Many of us write non-fiction or short story fiction works. Yet, it takes a special skill to write a full length novel. My friend, Beth Firestone wrote Candles in My Window, a wonderful young adult novel about a teenage girl’s experience deepening her religious and spiritual awareness and observance. It is a story about adolescent friendships, conflict and growth. Adults and teenagers each will enjoy reading this exciting story.candles

I met Beth many years ago at PTA for our children’s school. We hit it off immediately and even though we generally talk shop (before our writer days, we were English teachers) and jabber about our writing stuff, we also just have regular chats over coffee and salad at our local eatery.

Beth has a gift of drawing pictures with her words. It is no surprise that she writes about girls and their anxieties, inner conflicts and relationships with peers, since she herself is a mom of several daughters. But more than that, Beth has a knack for getting inside the head of her characters, developing them to be real and honest portrayals of Anygirl in the 21st century. Her dialogue is natural and her characters are loveable, whatever struggle they go through.

I recall Beth discussing an idea in our writing group that she had. Just listening to her idea made me want to go back to that stage of life – teenager stage – so I can curl up and read the book when it was done.

Now, how many of can wish to go back to adolescent years? Not many. But when one is engrossed in a Beth Firestone story, one feels as if the author really understands that adolescent’s mind. And who wouldn’t want to be there feeling so understood.

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