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Bubby’s Adoring Smile

Posted on: June 7th, 2012 by bubbyjoysandoys 4 Comments

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While setting up the lovely header of the grandmother and little girl on this page, I went through the gamut of feelings (what is it about me and that word FEELINGS?)

First off, I was frustrated (hey, my computer mouse kept slipping!), and annoyed (why are all the Bubby pictures out there white-haired women in their late 90’s?), and disheartened (I cannot see myself posting that Bubby on the site).  In the end, I felt warmed with the picture that did eventually make it to be The One. The grandmother’s smile is so real. And the child’s focus, as expressed in her eyes, is so intense and strong.

And I realized that those are the sensations  (that word!) so essential to a grandmother/grandchild relationship. Warmth, intensity, focus. When a grandmother reads a book to a grandchild, there is nothing else going on in that room. When the  child follows along with that book — looks at all the pictures, hears the lilt of her Granny’s voice, feels the soft touch of her grandma’s body –it is as if the whole world is smiling down on them.

All is well. We all remember our first book that was read to us by our parents, or grandparents. It is priceless. And we recall the smiles of our elders, as well as the way we looked up to them for guidance, warmth and touch.

Reading and sharing, loving and caring. What else do we have to hold on to?

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4 Responses

  1. Wonderful blog that expresses the special bond between a Grandma and her grandchild. I look forward to more postings.

  2. Adina Gres says:

    Your observation is so true. I can still remember the exact way my grandmother used to read to us, trying to be American with her German accent!

    • omilaca says:

      Yes, can you imagine our grandkids saying in several decades from now, “Oh I remember when my grandmother pretended to be a Californian….with her Brooklyn accent..”

  3. Omi Eva says:

    I like the blogs. Your friends are almost as talented as you!

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