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Blog Bytes from the Rabbi

Posted on: March 2nd, 2013 by bubbyjoysandoys

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Today was one of those days that most Californians felt really blessed to be living in a terrific climate. With 85 degree temperatures, blue skies and zero humidity, our family and neighbors had the pleasure of comfortable walks to our Synagogue and other venues today in celebration of our weekly Shabbat/Sabbath.

California Sunshine

California Sunshine

Several times per year our synagogue hosts a rabbi from out-of-town to speak for the crowd and offer inspiring words and thoughts to the members. This weekend was such a weekend when a rabbi came from New York and spoke several times at different venues – both in private homes and at the synagogue itself.  For the purposes of this blog post, here are some tidbits of insights from the rabbi. The rabbi told really funny stories to back up the messages and due to space constraints (and storytelling shortcomings that I have),  I will refrain from repeating the stories. Rather I will share some sound bytes, or “blog bytes.”

Don’t be a Honker; Be a Pusher

Imagine the scene: You are on our way to an important appointment and are running late. You find ourselves behind a row of cars at a standstill. You hear a honk, and then a louder one and then a huge long honk. Then you see someone get out of one car and start pushing a car that appears to be stuck. After several pushes of that car to the side of the road, the rest of the cars can drive freely as the road has been cleared.

It is what it is; Accept it and let it be.

Imagine the scene: You are dealing with a totally irrational person. You can either fret over the fact that said person is irrational or deal with it. Figure out ways to deal with said situation — as best as you can and let it be. Wishing things were another way is not going to help.

After attending the workshops this weekend, I can proudly state that aside from loving the California climate, I am strengthened by the rabbi’s words and feel a general appreciation for my life as it is.

May we all have the strength to cope day by day.

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